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The paper "Female Employees" provides an idea that to address the menace, the employer needs to offer trainings, coaching and mentorship to women and formulate and enforce family-friendly policies. Such initiatives can help in attracting women to the organization…
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Female Employees
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Ethics Ethics Summary In ‘Women: Keeping the Supply Lines Open,’ there is a report about female employees. Apart from analyzing the agonies of women employees, it provides recommendations on how the management can help in improving the welfare of female employees and motivate them to serve the organization even after quitting and deciding to re-enter once more. From a survey conducted, nearly 24% of women employees voluntarily quit their jobs. This, according to the survey, is caused by family commitments as well as frustrations in the workplace. However, to address the menace, the employer needs to offer trainings, coaching and mentorship to women and formulate and enforce family-friendly policies. If properly utilized, such initiatives can help in attracting women to the organization and even retain them on their return after quitting.
Lessons from the Article
Indeed, this article is quite insightful. It has important lessons that can help in understanding about the process of selection and recruitment of employees. First, I learnt that it is legally right for any organization to offer equal treatment and opportunities to all employees irrespective of their gender. Even women have important contributions to make towards the success of the organization. Secondly, an organization should ensure that it comes up with creative and feasible measures to ensure that female employees are not frustrated, but motivated to continue serving the organization. Once this is done, they can not quit, but feel motivated to serve and develop their career. Female employees need to be treated with caution because, unlike their male counterpart, they face a myriad of challenges that they need to be helped to overcome.
Response to Critical Thinking Questions
The departure of women is an issue to organizations because they constitute an important segment of workforce. Just men, women are needed in any organization because they also have important contributions to make. In fact, there are certain roles that can be best performed by women. Also, it is legally and ethically right for an organization to give equal employment opportunity to men and women. It can help it to have a good reputation.
In my opinion, it is really unfair for women to be offered dismal packages on their re-entry. Once a worker has reached a certain level in their career, they need to be offered appropriate remuneration based on the level of their education, professional qualifications and experience. Therefore, all organizations should have similar policies for both the male and female workers. It is unethical to provide poor pay to the women who are intending to “get back in the game.” It is discriminatory.
It is true that lower remuneration discourages the re-entry of women into jobs. Therefore, to resolve this problem, measures should be taken to offer them attractive and appealing wages that can encourage them to continue working. Another thing to do is to guarantee such women a chance to enjoy career growth on return. It can help in motivating them to come back and continue offering quality services to the organization. This can be beneficial both to the employees and the organization as well. Read More
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