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The Human Nature - Coursework Example

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There are many debates regarding the individual differences and the common core among all the people. The paper "The Human Nature" focuses on the investigation of the human nature as the predisposition of the existence of natural law…
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The Human Nature
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Extract of sample "The Human Nature"

The Human Nature All the beliefs and acts are built up on the certain basis. There is an idea of a particular moral law, which is universal. It is based on the human nature. Many philosophers, psychologists and other researchers made their assumptions regarding it. There are many debates regarding the individual differences and the common core among all the people. This assignment is focused on the investigation of the human nature as the predisposition of existence of natural law.
According to Thomas Jefferson’s words in the Declaration of Independence, all the people have inalienable rights: they are rights for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” (MacKinnon & Fiala). John Lock expressed an idea of the same basic nature for all the people. Natural law is deeper and more valuable than civil law. For examples, Nazi crimes are crimes against humanity, even though they did not fall under the laws of the war times.
Natural law is the essential and innate feature of human beings. It grown from the human origin. It says what is ought to be done for the greater good. Civil law may change, while natural law is universal. Great philosophers, for example, Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas expressed ideas tightly related with human nature and moral law. Aristotle underlined the principle of order, incorporated into animals and even plants that leads them to their mature form and inner essential goal. The same inner law exists within humans to forward them to the pursuit and accomplishment of own internal higher goal according to their species. Ultimate goal of humans in Aristotle’s concept is called Eudaimonia. It is a happiness of following own nature and fulfilling own higher idea and purpose. The feature, commonly shared by all the people, according to Aristotle, is reason. Ability to reasoning lies in the core of human beings. Rational capacities impose person’s capability to explore the world and support and focus own decisions and acts. Thomas Aquinas supposed that moral law is a part of universal divine plan. There are innate tendencies of human nature that have to be enhanced and thus promote greater good. He stressed the importance of liberty of knowing and freedom of choice.
There are some conflicting points regarding the moral law. For example, according to Darwin’s theory, poor and weak deserve their suffering as the natural law in evolution theory states that the strongest survives. In this case health care seems to be contradicting. All the people have both people and animal natures. This means all the people contain some degree of aggression for survival. Thus, there are joint collective values for common good and survival, while other aspects may involve competitiveness, destructive features, etc.
All the living creatures and systems are aimed to develop. It is seen through all the species. Systems and creatures evolve and become more complex. Eudaimonia means revealing and fulfilling own concept. Finding own role, in which a person may both achieve own happiness and promote the greater good for the maximum quantity of people is probably a natural law, which is imprinted into the human nature.
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The Human Nature Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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