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The current essay "Leadership Terms" underlines that The US president is allowed by the constitution to serve for two terms, the Congress people for life, and Justice for life through appointment and that the limits for the president should be maintained…
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Leadership Terms
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Leadership Terms Affiliation Leadership Terms The US president is allowed by the constitution to serve for two terms, the Congress people for life, and Justice for life through appointment (, 2015). The limits for the president should be maintained while those of the Justice and Congress should be changed for various reasons.
Many presidents prove to be untrustworthy when they ascend to the office of presidents such as passing unfavourable laws like promoting illegal businesses. Allowing the president to remain in the office for more than two terms is making politics to appear like a career, which is against the constitution. A similar case applies to the Congress people and the Justices as once they remain in office for their life it becomes a career denying other good leaders a chance to lead their people. Therefore there should be limits for those who serve in the Congress, the presidency, and justice and each should serve a maximum of two years.
The other reason for maintaining the limits for the president and changing those of the Congress and Justices is that a president who remains in the office for a long time is likely to become a dictator and the Congress and Justice may become more corrupt. Eight years of the presidency is enough as too much power in the hands of only one person is dangerous for a nation as large as the United States (, 2015). The judges and Congress leaders also gain a lot of power since they know that they will hold their office for life and misuse it. Limiting the terms of these categories of leaders in the US will enable the country to have other dedicated and loyal leaders to serve the country. The limits will also bring in new and fresh ideas to keep the states moving and eliminate those with selfish interest.
Giving a few individuals too much power, which is unchecked, may lead the leaders to exercise some unrighteous dominion power especially giving the president unlimited terms. The president might take control of the other branches and interfere with the constitutional rights of individuals. With the president serving for only two terms, the three branches of government are kept working properly (, 2015). People still re-elect the president, Congress leaders, and the justices even when they do not perform, and the term limits are the only solution to ensure that the nation has good leaders. Americans like to maintain the same leaders due to the fear of change and without the term limits; the country might be ruled by the same people for many years. The trend shows that officials and presidents perform well in their first and second term and them corruption, dictatorship, and power thirst increase exponentially.
On the other hand, the term for the president should be prolonged especially for performing presidents to allow them to enact changes that are beneficial to the nation. The limits of the Congress and justice should remain as they are to enable the right officials to remain in office for effective performance (, 2015). As long as the general public is voting for the leaders, they should be allowed to serve for as long as they can. There are other ways of eliminating corrupt leaders such as sacking, and long terms should not be the reason to deny people their rights to lead the nation.
Keeping the same president in office for a long time will strengthen his/her party in both the House and the Senate leading to one party system in America. Keeping the Congress and justice in office for a long time, limit the use of newer ideas and tactics. Allowing new people in the offices ensures constant changes in terms of ideas, quality leadership, and commitment. Leaders will always struggle in their first term to impress the nation to secure their seats for the second term. Therefore, the president two terms should be maintained but the terms for the Congress people and the Justices should be changed to two terms.
References,. (2015). Transcript of the Constitution of the United States - Official Text. Retrieved 17 July 2015, from Read More
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