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Political compass - Essay Example

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After critical evaluation of my answers on the test, it is worth to note that political compass is a function of several concepts. Political compass offers an insight into the structural and functional outlook of a given society in regard to economic workings and political leadership applied on the people. …
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Political compass
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Extract of sample "Political compass"

Political compass After critical evaluation of my answers on the test, it is worth to that political compass isa function of several concepts. Political compass offers an insight into the structural and functional outlook of a given society in regard to economic workings and political leadership applied on the people. It generally emphasizes two aspects which constitute economy i.e. right and left to the horizontal and political ideology i.e. Authoritarian and Libertarian to the vertical. Political compass determine the prosperity of a country and in this era of globalization it has become the defining factor in wealth differences among states. Cultural orientation of different countries forms integral part of the chosen political compass.
My political compass is Libertarian right. This political compass means that the country should be governed on the basis of human rights and freedom maximization in respect of political opinion and allowing forces of demand and supply to regulate the economy. In this wake of globalization, there is increased cultural convergence due to the sophisticated and efficient information and communication technology. In that regard, accommodation of diverse cultural backgrounds in the country means embracing libertarian political ideology. On the other hand, restriction on production by the government kills efficiency and suppresses creativity hence the need to adopt free market economy. A combined political freedom, free and open market economy therefore constitute Libertarian-right which has seen United States Prosper.
The socializing agents that influence my political compass point of view include family, school and mass media. I like a society where from childhood, personal dreams are nurtured in a free social environment where parents only encourage.This boost one’s interest and perception on the society towards personal growth. This trend is reflected in the senior citizens through unrestricted political opinion presentation. In that way, an objective political ideology that allow majority to have their way and minority to have their say is born. Family as a primary socializing agent therefore informs my political compass. The school curriculum and overall implementation structure should encourage participatory learning where diverse opinion of students is taken into consideration. It is worth to note that school offers the best avenue of interaction with different people in regard to specified laws. Syllabus that encourages freedom of expression and practical orientation explores liberty and enhances free market ideology. Mass media is currently critical in dissemination of information fast and efficiently. In that respect, freedom of press and access to information by the citizens promotes a libertarian governance and level ground for competition. I have experienced a conducive social environment with my parents and this has boosted my performance and general exploration of better living concepts. In my class students are allowed to express their ideas through increased participatory discussion by the teachers hence increased overall performance. The encouragement by the government and spirit of freedom of media has exposed me to invaluable information that has shaped my ideas. I therefore believe that Libertarian- right political compass is the best for the contemporary society.
Work cited
Patterson, Thomas E. 2013. We the People: A Concise Introduction to American Politics, Tenth Edition. New York: McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 9780078114342 Read More
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