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Capitalism And Freedom - Essay Example

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Capitalism and freedom are indivisible. In our civilization we consider that human beings, only by good value of being human, possess the ability to apply freedom and the right to do so. Every person should be liberated to own property, select a job and a profession, worship, speak, move liberally within the society and to other societies, encourage and protect one's self-interest, convention, compete, generate, innovate, trade, and correlate with others.
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Capitalism And Freedom
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"Capitalism And Freedom"

Download file to see previous pages Libertarians elevate personal freedom to the highest good-as an end to be achieved. Freedom is viewed as prerequisite to, and integral with, the achievement of any of man's goals. Libertarians defend each person's right to be protected against all forms of external aggression initiated by the state or by private individuals. A basic principle of libertarianism is that individuals have the right to live life as they choose, as long as their actions do not constitute an aggression against the freedom of others.
This non-initiation-of-force or nonaggression attitude is linked to the libertarian thought of self-ownership. Self-ownership means that one's possess decisions about what to do with one's life, possessions; body, energies, and speech are the decisions that matters. Since individuals are equivalent, not only does an individual own himself, every other person owns himself as well.
The self-ownership principle creates a zone of privacy and freedom of action for each individual. When dealing with others each person should respect them as equals in moral status and human dignity who have the right and responsibility to make their own decisions regarding their own life, property, body, energies, and speech.
Capitalist refuse the idea tha...
The state should therefore detain itself to the lowest essential to defend individuals in the way they opt to practice contentment. The appropriate state is therefore impartial with respect to its dedication to one or another beginning of pleasure or the good life. The job of the state should be restricted to providing the freedom that allows individuals to follow happiness or the good that each describes for himself.

Capitalism may be defined as a system of voluntary relationships within a lawful framework that protects individuals' rights against might, deception, theft, and contract violations. Advocates of capitalism change in their arguments for a social system that maximizes individual liberty and in their analysis with respect to the temperament of man and the universe. Underlying these separate views, though, is the requirement for freedom of the person to decide how he wants to incorporate himself into society. All consent that:

1. Freedom is the likely condition of the individual-each person from birth has the capability to think his own thoughts and manage his own energies in his labors to perform according to these thoughts.

2. Individuals are free to commence their own purposive act when they are free from man-made shackles-coercion by other individuals, groups of people, or the government; liberty is not the capability to get what one wishes-other non-man-made obstructions such as lack of ability, cleverness or resources may outcome as one's failure to achieve his wishes.

3. Freedom is essential but not an adequate condition for one's contentment.

It is not compulsory to first attain metaphysical or religious accord to agree on the appeal of a system in which individuals do not use aggression or deceit to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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