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Watch video, discuss and consider the points - Essay Example

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Most people however prefer to identify with him at his stage of life when he was starting a business of candy and when he established jelly belly. Of the lessons learnt, at the…
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Watch video, discuss and consider the points
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Download file to see previous pages lawyer and possessed economics degree yet he chose to be a distributer in some small shop instead of seeking employment from renowned and well-established corporations like most new graduates do. Even at this stage, he was very philanthropic and used to give back to the community especially to the children who loved candy. As the saying goes, charity begins at home, David Klein was charitable and this probably contributed to the high traffic of customers frequenting the shop. Seeing this, and from the loyalty he had developed from the customers decided to seize the opportunity to introduce a premium price jelly belly. At this point one would describe as having followed one business ethic followed by many believers of laissez faire called self-interest business ethics theory.
At the point when he created jelly belly, he was already an aggressive entrepreneur and an opportunist who not only wanted to make profit from a given opportunity but also a visionary business man who was focused at making the best out of himself from available opportunity. He trusted himself to introduce a new product with differentiated and improved quality and market it with success. He observed that the current candy were not naturally cooked and decided to give the idea to a company he was acting as a distributor for its product. The company also agreed and produced jelly belly beans in small quantities for which he sold alongside the other candy in the corner shop he was operating from. Noticing that the jelly belly was trading at relatively very high prices, he invented a plan to dupe the media (print media) to air his story claiming he was making big sales from that.
However, this was a necessary evil since it marked the beginning of his blessings. By organizing friends and relatives to frequent the shop at exactly the same time when the media representative was visiting, thus giving the impression of a busy store selling g what customers loved an interestingly false presentation. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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