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Multi model project - Essay Example

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I also like to acknowledge my family and friends for their support in this small research paper. I thank the authors of the scholarly books that have given me so much insight into my quest for this project. I would not…
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Multi model project
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Download file to see previous pages They just want to eject the DVD out of the DVD player or flip the channel if it is on cable network. It would be interesting to take a peek into the kind of work the producers and screenwriters do to create the desired effect in the audience. The impact it makes the viewers say wow.
Obviously, everyone is not interested in the technicalities of a film production. However, one should be aware of the perspective that a movie is instilling in the viewer’s mind. Film critics call this the gaze. It tells the point of view of the movie director. Hollywood action blockbusters like the James Bond and Mission Impossible series are very good examples of the male gaze.
The protagonist of such movies is a crime-fighting dominant male. He has access to sports car and top female models of the world. The protagonist is living the fantasy of the majority of the male audiences; to live a carefree adventurous life full of beautiful girls and luxury cars. There is no harm in giving the audiences what they want. The problem arises when such movies become the trendsetters. The people who disagree with such fantasies should not consider themselves outcasts but sadly this is the case.
Such movies define what a successful person should look and behave like. This is wrong at so many levels. The people who are living “ordinary” lives should not consider themselves less than the fantasy projected on the cinema screen. Such perspective or gaze is so dangerous that it creates a sense of loss among average people. They want to live a large life but sadly they fall short because what is projected on the screen is just a fantasy.
The counter argument that movies are supposed to be fantastical so that people can momentarily get out of their mundane routines and enjoy voyeuristic pleasures, is not valid because there is a difference between confining something and making a fantasy movie. The fantasy movie Lord of the Rings does not have that usual gaze. The values shown ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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