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The phrase same sex marriage laws is used to refer to federal as well as state level laws that govern marriages and unions that take place between two individuals belonging to the same gender. Same sex marriage laws are a heavily debated topic within the arena of policy maker…
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Same Sex Marriage
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Same Sex Marriage Laws In Texas Same Sex Marriage Laws In Texas The phrase same sex marriage laws is used to refer to federal as well as state level laws that govern marriages and unions that take place between two individuals belonging to the same gender. Same sex marriage laws are a heavily debated topic within the arena of policy maker. The debate is focused on whether same sex marriages should be allowed and should be recognized as legal marriages or they should be continued to be recognized as illegal marriages. Some states of the United States have accepted and passed laws that have recognized same sex marriages as legal marriages. On the other hand there are a few states that have not recognized same sex marriages as legal marriages.
State of Texas is one of the very few states in which same sex marriages are not yet considered as legal marriages (, 2015). On the other hand majority of the states have recognized such marriages as legal ones. Same sex marriages as well as civil unions between couples of the same gender have been prohibited in the state of Texas since the period of 2003. As of 2005, the constitution of the state of Texas was even amended in order to ban same sex marriages (, 2015). During 2005 it was decided the state of Texas will only recognize those marriages as legal that take place between a male and a female and marriages between two females or two males were recognized as unconstitutional. It is not that no same sex marriages take place within the state of Texas. During the period of 2015 a same sex marriage took place between two individuals belonging to the female gender and the matter was taken to the courts. The courts decided the case in the favor of the couples but they did not recognize same sex marriages as legal (Sanchez, 2015). The reason for recognizing their marriage as legal was the illness that was experienced by one of the couple. The ban on such marriages by the state of Texas have been severely criticized and recognized as unconstitutional by the federal as well as the state level courts of Texas. These courts have recognized that the measures taken by the state of Texas to ban same sex marriage is against the constitution of the United States of America.
Same sex marriage laws that have not yet been passed and enacted by the state of Texas include the consideration of legalization of same sex marriage in Texas. In the state of Texas, civil unions which are a kind of marriage but not legal marriages have not yet been legalized in the state. Same sex couples of the state of Texas are not entitled to the same benefits that are being experienced by couples of opposite sex marriage. Marriage in the state of Texas is still defined as union of a male and a female; on the other hand this definition of marriage has been changed to incorporate same sex couples in this definition.
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Same Sex Marriage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 2.
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