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Same-sex relationships and same-sex families - Essay Example

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This essay discusses the concept of being equal and accepted, that is one of the driving laws of the United States Constitution and is now accepted at a global level. However, there are still divisions and other complexities which occur in society, specifically with marginalized groups…
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Same-sex relationships and same-sex families
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Extract of sample "Same-sex relationships and same-sex families"

Download file to see previous pages This essay analyzes that the history of same-sex marriages and families, as well as the current political, cultural and social standing, all implicate boundaries, stereotypes, and inequalities that persist within society. Cultural Boundaries The concept of same-sex marriages and families is one which is divided and marginalized first because of the cultural implications that are within society. The roots of the United States claim equality and a sense of humanitarian acts in the Constitution. However, there are cultural divisions which are based on opposing history known for creating boundaries and marginalized groups. The traditional outlook that is within society moves back to the Puritan legalities in which the country was founded from. The religious implications include individuals that are interested in a married life and stable household that remains as a part of the upbringing of those in society, otherwise, it is considered sinful. This has transferred to contemporary society, specifically seen in cultural traditions such as the 1950s in which the woman and man are designated specific roles in the household and the characteristics of the family are designated with needing a refined upbringing. The representative culture which is known to be traditional and conservative in nature carries the cultural boundaries of opposing same-sex marriages and families (Wax, 2007). The problems with traditional roots that are a part of the culture are further divided by the gender roles and sexual orientation and definitions which are in the modern culture. The concept of same-sex marriage is one which raises questions about gender identity and the role which one should have in the family. When looking at the marriages, there is a specific association with the gender role, specifically because there isn’t a defined role with mother and father. If children are in the family, then it is usually conceived outside of the same-sex relationship or is based on finding a father or mother to assist with the child, which is picked genetically. The question which is raised comes from the concept of identity as well as what the gender role should be in these relationships. The concept becomes based on the idea that the family and the marriage are illegitimate because the gender roles can’t be defined or stereotyped into the same category as others (Ledsham, 2007). Social Implications The stereotypes based on gender roles and traditional means not only are based on the accepted cultures that are a part of society. There are also social implications which are based on accepting and rejecting those that fall into this stereotype. The main social implication starts with exposing the marginalized group within society while creating the stereotypes that immediately change the status of those that are building a same-sex marriage or family. When looking at social components, it can be seen that there are sex discrimination roles which form and take place because of the stereotypes which occur from gender identity and the beliefs which are placed into the ideals of the same sex families. The concept of equality is one which becomes illegitimate because of cultural wars which are placed in society and which create boundaries between the groups of same-sex or traditional marriages (Widiss et al, 2007). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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