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What does Roy in Normal want from a sex change - Assignment Example

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Individuals can be divided into two categories depending on the body appearance, boys and girls. They have different body structures, brain characteristics and physical appearances that define whether a person is male or female. …
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What does Roy in Normal want from a sex change
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Download file to see previous pages People with gender identity disorder prefer to dress and live as the members of the opposite sex. Gender identity disorder is a psychological condition that causes many problems. Depression and anxiety are among the most common problems that he has to face. However, these psychological problems can be overcome by taking certain measures that also include some medicines but the social dilemma is the hardest thing the person suffering from gender identity disorder has to face. Everyone expect others to behave and act the way they are physically born. Parents start dictating their children about appropriate behavior from very early ages. As many boys have reported the message from their parents that they do not like them to play with dolls or wear pink dresses. As these individuals grow up, life gets harder and harder where at one side they are fighting with their souls while on the other side they are trying to cope up with the body they are born with. Puberty is the most difficult age in the lifetime for such people as they see gender specific changes in them in the form of facial hair growth, change of voice, development of genitalia and growth of breasts. They hate these changes and reported to be disgusted by hair growth in case of males or breasts development in case of females. It is quite a complicated stage where some are unaware with what is happening to them while others are either not confident enough or ready to take a decision for sex change. Most have been found to snub their inner feelings and try living against their will because of the fear and restrictions of society and moral impacts. Though, this is very distressing and depressing to them and can cause other psychological disorders (Park, and Manzon-Santos). The same situation “Roy” had to face in the movie “Normal” who snubbed his individuality in another body for a very long time but finally decides to change it and live the way he feels to. After 25 years of successful marriage and fatherhood, Roy found the biggest secret of his life that he was a woman in a man’s body. In a quest of finding his identity and portray what he is in real, he wants to go for a sex change surgery. After announcing the decision of sex transition, Roy faces disgust and intolerance from his family and co-workers. Some understands his transition while others totally abandon it. Roy transition to be a woman is going to affect not only him but also everyone he is related to. Roy goes through an inner war between his social existence and psychological empowerment. He sees a psychologist to identify more about him and try to fight with the situation socially but nothing makes it better. His wife tries her best to bring the man he loved by putting psychological pressure in different ways but nothing works on him. Roy is so desperate with his life that he even tries to attempt a suicide but his wife saves him. His psychological disorder is totally empowering him with dissatisfaction and unhappiness. He feels like he has been snubbing his internal desires and regrets to spend the whole life in a body and appearance that does not belong to him. The final change he brings to his life is dressing in a woman’s dress, wearing high heels and growing long-hair. The change was more a satisfaction to his psychological needs than physical. Roy has not gone through a sex-change surgery yet, however, he feels happiness and pleasure with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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