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Movie review-Why We Fight - Essay Example

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In the movie ‘Why We Fight’ in the famous farewell speech by President Dwight, he warns against this danger. In the great military establishment and the big arm industry of the new America,…
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Movie review-Why We Fight
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Extract of sample "Movie review-Why We Fight"

Why We Fight. We fight because of the increase of militarism as an economic system and mindset. In the movie ‘Why We Fight’ in the famous farewell speech by President Dwight, he warns against this danger. In the great military establishment and the big arm industry of the new America, there is an influence of political, economical, and spiritual as it is evident in all the cities, every house, and the federal government offices. These developments are very important but it must not be forgotten that the grave implications they can have to the country. All levels of government must guard against the acquisition of influences that are unwarranted, whether asked or not asked by the industrial complex of the military. The capability of the disastrous rise of power that is misplaced exists and will always be there.
The movie ‘Why We Fight’ is directed by Eugene Jarecki. It is a documentary movie of 2005 and it is about the military-industrial complex. The movie’s title refers to the World War II era that was commissioned by the U.S. Government so as to justify why they entered the war which was against the Axis Powers. In the movie, Eugene looks as to the reason why young people of America are sent to war. The movie also conveys the message that there is a change in portrayal of American war interference since World War II. It shows that America currently engages in good wars unlike in the past where there was military adventurism. It is in the interest of America’s self-serving corporate that there are more operations of wars. Being occupied with technologies of the military and actions are common American psyche features but the film focuses on anti-war efforts (Rollins, et al. 53).
The movie follows a father who is still grieving after four years after the death of his son in New York on 9/11/2001. To any caring parent, a son’s death is normally an impactful and anger is a reaction that’s understandable. In the movie, the story line revolves around the father’s anger that shifts from those seen responsible for the attacks to those in high political offices who are responsible of manipulating the initial anger in support of war. The sentiments of the father later becomes far more noble. Being aware of the agony of losing a son, he can never wish it to an innocent person no matter how they are divided by the culture, geography or class.
As mentioned in the movie, the attacks on 9/11/2001 were largely part a response to initial U.S. aggression to the Muslim-dominated Middle East and the Third World as a whole. Which raises the question, ‘Why didn’t this happen sooner or more frequently?’
After the Iraq war, it is evident that the people of America have become more suspicious of the explanations by their government for military interventions. They suspect the intervention is established in no little part by interests in economy. It is evident that the economic interests by the military-industrial complex have compelled, and will continue compelling the U.S. to intervene militarily across its borders. The movie presents compelling evidence that supports its case, showing the profits that some companies stand to gain from war and the ties that are there between those companies and the governments that have been there and the current one. Viewers are challenged to question if the military-industrial complex has succeeded in influencing the government as feared by Eisenhower.
In conclusion, at the U.S. government overextends itself politically and militarily, this may be less the case. The long history of enriching themselves in the exploited individuals’ expense, the fighting will not stop soon as long as there is an increase in militarism an a way of economic system and mindset.
Work cited.
Rollins, P. C., & OConnor, J. E. (2008). Why we fought: Americas wars in film and history. Lexington, Ky: University Press of Kentucky. Read More
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