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Is the government of a parliamentary system in which more than one political party cooperate in running the government especially after it has been declared that one party is unable to meet the majority in parliament. A good example is the Kenyan government of between 2008 and…
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Study g
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Political science al affiliation Part II Vote of no confidence Is a parliamentary motion passed by majority in the parliament to the head of state and shows that the present parliament does not have confidence in the government and wants it disbanded.
Parliamentary systems
Is a system of governance in which the executive branch of government gets its democratic legitimacy from the legislature which is the parliament. A good example is in the government of USA
Is a political system whereby the state has absolute authority over its citizens and controls all the aspects of their private and public lives as much as it can
Coalition government
Is the government of a parliamentary system in which more than one political party cooperate in running the government especially after it has been declared that one party is unable to meet the majority in parliament. A good example is the Kenyan government of between 2008 and 2013 in which power has to be shared after a disputed presidential election.
Semi-authoritarian regime
Is a state that incorporates both authoritarian and democratic modes of governance
Was a reformation political movement incorporated in the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in the 1980s
Magna Carta
It was a treaty signed by King John of England that aimed at making peace between the king and rebel barons. It promised justice, protection of church rights and protection from illegal imprisonments.
SMDP (plurality) voting systems
Is a system used to elect executive officers in which one winner is voted in with the most number of votes
Developmental states
Is a mode of capitalism in which has more political power as well as control over the economy
Presidential democracies
Is a system of government in which the leader of the governments is also the head of state. He or she leads the executive branch. USA is a good example
Deng Xiaoping
Was the leader of china between 1978 and 1992
Is the territory of a country and its people that is supported by its own functional government
A system of governance ruled by priests or other religious leaders in the name of a god or God
Quasi state
Is a state that exists because of a formal acceptance of the international community and has not sovereignty
Social democracy
Is a policy regime in which collective bargaining and social welfare forms the basis of governance
Separation of powers
The process through which the executive, the judicial and the legislative powers of government are vested in separate bodies
Import Substitution Industrialization
Is an economic policy that seeks to replace imports with domestic goods
Is the transfer of ownership of a property from government to private ownership
Social market economy
Is a coordinated market economy in which social policy favors social insurance
Is a set of organizations that have interlocking business relationships
Coup détat
Sudden and illegal seizure of a government
Part II
Question No.
In presidential system, the president is elected by the people through votes while in a parliamentary system the leader (Prime minister) is elected by the legislature
It is more difficult to enact laws in a presidential system as compared to the parliamentary system because the prime minister is always directed by the legislature while the president listens to the people and may have different views from the legislature.
Parliamentary systems allow for the legislation of representative laws from all the legislators.
It also gives the legislature the opportunity to critique the leadership of the head hence promoting democracy.
It is easy to pass a vote of no confidence to the head of state through this system hence promoting accountability.
In my opinion, a parliamentary system is better than a presidential system of governance
Is the allocation of overall power to the legislature in which critical decisions are made through parliament
Modernized authoritarian regimes like China seek to achieve economic development through a paternalist state. Their justification is that the head of state should be a manager and not a leader.
The federal and central governments act as check on one another.
Parliamentary system
Government instability is the inability of a government to execute its mandates effectively. Parliamentary systems always suffer from government instability because the majority of legislators always have their say and sometimes the decisions made in this manner would go contrary to the abilities and capacities of the government.
Authoritarian regimes do not have party machinery or election systems that can mark the beginning or the end of a regime. Therefore, leaders in these regimes are in constant fears of a Coup détat because they always want to lead till their death. Such regimes do not have proper guidelines of how and when to hand over power to another leader.
Political liberation involves the change from authoritarian or totalitarian systems of governance to a more democratic system.
Local managers were to be held accountable for all the losses or profits realized by an enterprise.
A system of governance in which the government protects the well-being and health of its financially handicapped people through pensions, grants and other benefits.
By the votes casted by the members of parliament (legislature)
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