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In a bid to enhance the female participation in politics, The Rhode Island Government Appointments Project has called for anyone who shares the same ideology to join in. Primarily, the ideas behind the program act to gauge the role of the Rhode Island Government in the upholding of gender differences among all societal classes. …
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The Rhode Island Government Appointments Project
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Analysis of the Rhode Island Government Appointments Project
In a bid to enhance the female participation in politics, The Rhode Island Government Appointments Project has called for anyone who shares the same ideology to join in. Primarily, the ideas behind the program act to gauge the role of the Rhode Island Government in the upholding of gender differences among all societal classes. Noteworthy, the government, is believed to be in a greater position to provide for the minority groups. Additionally, it is the core responsibility of the government to sustain the needs of its citizens.
The research was done through a comprehensive and intense approach. Categorically, it aimed at establishing the proportion of women appointed by Governor Raimondo. Subsequently, the study tried to compare the appointment of women to other states. From the research, it was relatively difficult to obtain precise data regarding the appointment of women. Additionally, the results obtained implied that the multiple agencies in the Rhode Island Government were a perfect example of what is was covered in the coursework in matters regarding the education, health, and economy of the women. Conversely, men preferred management jobs.
It is, however, important to note and applaud the primary goal of the organization that explicitly advocated for equal employment regardless of the gender. The organization noted that this concept was growing exponentially in the Rhode Island government. In contrast, I was against the reluctance of the governmental agencies in matters regarding the offering of information to researchers. This laxity raises various questions about whether they are arrogant of they just lack the information requested for. On the other hand, maybe the governmental officials were too busy tending to their clients during the data inquiries. All in all, I believe that it would be professional if they spare some time to provide sufficient information to the researchers. Another setback was the lack of reliable data from the governmental websites since they were not updated on a regular basis.
Subsequently, the research findings will give enough information regarding the solutions to the problems presented. For instance, Title 28 would be very instrumental in this aspect. As a recommendation, various offices should unite and work for a common goal in a bid to stop the stereotyping of persons with regards to gender differences. Moreover, the merging of the male and female interests can also help in solving the problem. In this regard, the question was highly relevant to the showing of the government’s laxity in the tackling of the issues revolving around gender issues and the minorities. Read More
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