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4 questions - Essay Example

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Each individual is inevitably participating in certain groups, since he lives in the society. Because of this, it is common to associate his individual rights with the rights of the group he is a member of. However, in some cases rights of some individuals conflict…
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4 questions
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Question Each individual is inevitably participating in certain groups, since he lives in the society. Because of this, it is common to associate his individual rights with the rights of the group he is a member of. However, in some cases rights of some individuals conflict with the group rights of other individuals. Thus, the state should try its best to guarantee the equal distribution of rights between all the citizens within multiculturalism policy.
Question 2. The U.S. are not actively involved in contemporary environmental policy, because its contribution to the current state of green problems is bigger than from the majority of other involved actors. Moreover, the U.S. political system represents the conflict of interests between public organizations and politicians. Due to all these challenges, it is hard for USA to provide quick decisions in environmental diplomacy.
Question 3. In fact, the events of two World Wars had shown that conflict of interests in international system leads to great humanitarian and economical disasters. Since they had always started from the occupation of certain territory, the current states tried their best to protect their sovereignty in the last century. In other words, it is no longer acceptable for the state to claim that territory in the other country is its property, if there is no will of local population. This change appeared in the post-war world order.
Question 4. Essay
In contemporary world, the different interests often lead to open conflicts. Even though neoliberals believe in the potential of international institutions to neglect the states’ individual influence, the recent dispute between Saudi Arabia and Yemen reflects that we still deal with the world divided in states and full of conflict purposes. In this context, the given essay discusses Saudi-Yemen conflict through the concepts of terrorism and war to show the unresolved state of global security issue in the contemporary world.
On the one hand, Saudi Arabia and Yemen situation reveals that terrorism is still the subject of global policy concern. In fact, appearance of Saudi Arabia invasion both in political speeches and in media messages throughout the world reveals the nature of terrorism as not only an attempt to influence foreign government but also an intense to create panic in global public. In addition, the great number of displaced civilians after the Decisive Storm operation fits the purpose of terrorism in its violent appearance. Thus, current world deals with political regime in contemporary Saudi Arabia as with the one using terrorism as a tool in its policy.
On another hand, the response from both Yemen government and international community shows that presence of international organization does not neglect the state of war between the individual countries. On the contrary, their open Yemen support evoked Saudi Arabia to create its own alliance with Arab states in order to start the war. In other words, international institutions are the actors in the conflict of interests in its realist presentation.
In sum, the recent events between Yemen and Saudi Arabia show that contemporary world has not gotten rid of terroristic violence and military wars between the individual states. In the given case, the methods of Saudi Arabia and harmful involvement of the third parties in international environment reveals that the realist framework is more accurate in explaining the current state of international relations than liberal thinking. Read More
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(4 Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 6)
4 Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 6.
“4 Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 6”, n.d.
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