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Social responsibility as an international student - Essay Example

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However, ethics and morals do not have the same meaning, despite the fact that they share an extricable link. A moral philosophy develops as time goes by, therefore…
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Social responsibility as an international student
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Extract of sample "Social responsibility as an international student"

Download file to see previous pages To establish a standard mode of behavior, I should strive to get acquainted with the foreign culture and way of life. The first step involves the inner evaluation of my individual values that affect the day-to-day decision-making processes. These values guide me to gain more knowledge about my personal standards, my universal principles, and those of the community as well. In addition to that, ethics require me to evaluate the choices that I make, by establishing the possible impact of these choices to individuals or surrounding. These choices should encompass both the long and short-term consequences.
It is however important for me to desist from judging others. It is extremely unethical to cast aspersions based on personal attitude and cultural belief. Ethics therefore requires me to discern what is right from that, which is wrong. Similarly, social responsibility begins with inner commitment to perform what is proper, right and good for the individual and the society.
On the other hand, social responsibility is a determinant of how the community views an individual. The basic social responsibility of any international student is to portray a caring attitude not only towards oneself, but also towards the society. In showing care, I should participate in charitable activities such as visiting the sick in hospitals as well as helping to sustain the lives of the destitute. In the institutional framework, I can participate in environmental preservation exercises that aim at improving the lifestyles of other students in the institution. Through a caring attitude, I begin to master the ethical issues that relate to the institutional frameworks.
Social responsibility requires adequate sense of competence and control. A major challenge that international students encounter is the lack of minority control in the institution. Competence is an indicator of quality leadership and ethical concern about the need for equality. It must be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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