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Personal Responsibility in College Life - Essay Example

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Personal Responsibility in college life [Author] [Institution] What Personal Responsibility means Though we must all recognize the equal objective importance of the success of a human life, one personal has the special and final responsibility for that success - the person whose like it is – Ronald Dworkin These words of philosopher and scholar Dworkin truly speak about the critical importance of understanding and taking the personal responsibility to assure the success in different facet of life (Brown, 2009)…
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Personal Responsibility in College Life
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Download file to see previous pages Personal responsibility refers to the sense of realizing, recognizing, accepting and fulfilling the responsibilities for one's individual acts, thoughts, behaviours and responses. Personal responsibility is to comply with the obligations and personal duties that are expected from a person while living in a particular society and environment. When an individual has the sense of understanding his responsibilities and duties he can set the directions for his actions because he becomes aware of the potential consequences and effects of his acts upon his personality as well as the people and surrounding environment. When people gain complete understanding and awareness of their responsibilities and obligations they are able to make the right and informed decisions and choices about their life. They could follow the ideas and plans for their personal improvement because they know their boundaries and potential. It makes people realize their importance and role behind the completion and success of certain tasks and, thus, also motivates them to play their part and make positive contributions towards the fulfilment for certain jobs (Brown, 2009). For me, personal responsibility means a lot because it is all due to personal responsibilities realization that I have gained something in my life as a student and as a member of the society. It is something that keeps me aware about the commitments with myself and the society and also motivates to seek the better ways for the attainment of my goals, career plans and social obligations. During the initial years of my life, I was directed by my parents to differentiate between right and wrong. However, as I grow my sense of taking personal responsibility also grew and gradually I turned into a responsible member of the family, educational institution and the society. I believe that all the successes of an individual are mainly contributed by his sense of recognizing and complying with the personal responsibilities. Hence, what I am today is mainly due to my behaviours, my words, my actions and my thoughts and it would never be possible for me to keep all these elements in single and right direction without giving awareness about my personal responsibilities. It implies that personal responsibility encourages people to build their personalities, career, social status and family life. Personal responsibility guides people during each phase of the life to make sensible and constructive decisions (Susan et al, 2009). Relationship between Personal Responsibility and College Education Personal responsibility appears to be an important issue when it comes to college education. The awareness of personal responsibility distinguishes a mature adult from a child and enables him/her to act as a fully functional human being. Personal responsibility compliments success and achievement because it motivates a person to accomplish the things that he/she wants in life. This motivation plays an important role during the college education. The teachers and instructors perform their duties by educating the students. Without realization of personal responsibilities one could not do well at any educational institutes because there are certain things that the students have to learn at their own. The management of time and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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