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For Alliant University Foresnic Psychology - Personal Statement Example

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Running head: PERSONAL STATEMENT Personal Statement for Alliant University Forensic Psychology Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert July 9, 2011 Personal Statement for Alliant University Forensic Psychology Autobiography I am John Smith and was named after Michael Smith, a local renowned administrator in our community, who had lived more than a century ago…
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Personal Statement for Alliant University Foresnic Psychology
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Download file to see previous pages I am the first born in a family of five boys. As the eldest son, I often assisted parents in taking care of the younger siblings as there was a good age-gap between me and the second-born in the family. I am Spanish-American from the Hollywood community. The region comprises individuals from different cultures. The interaction with these individuals enables one to develop ability to accommodate wide range of diverse cultures. The values and beliefs differ across the cultures and an understanding of such differences is essential in evaluating the behaviors of individuals in the society. A forensic psychologist is at times required to provide psychotherapy to crime victims. The development of an effective psychotherapy program will consist in understanding the cultural values of the victim’s community. Besides, being a metropolitan, there were also cases of crimes that occurred in the city that we witnessed. I was not born with any form of disability and neither have I developed some kind of disability in to this date. My social life has not been interfered with in any way. I have had friends since kindergarten. The various activities that are performed in schools like sports drew me close to different individuals. I had special interest in volleyball and still play for some local club. One of my intimate friends was a long-time schoolmate and classmate called Steve. We attended the same elementary and high school and became close to one. While I was from a very humble background, Steve hailed from a royal family with only one sister and no brother. My parents struggled to keep my younger brother and me in these relatively expensive private schools. Our intimacy with Steve developed because I was academically capable while he was financially equipped. My assistance was evident during class activities like group discussions while I received his financial support during school excursions. However, this student had some weakness that at times drove me away. Steve was well built and throughout the elementary education level to high school, very few naughty students could challenge him physically. He rarely applied the rule of law in solving the disputes with others. As I grew up with the likes of Steve in my vicinity, I began to develop an ambition of becoming a lawyer. I had witnessed an interesting scenario in school at grade K-12 that led to the growth of such ambition. This classmate and a close friend of mine had some mild differences with the class representative and they almost exchanged fists. The class representative could not contain the insults that he received and reported the matter the disciplinary personnel. Steve was summoned to appear before the disciplinary committee where he pleaded not guilt. He denied ever having any differences with the class representatives and quoted me as one of the witnessed. Unfortunately, when I was called to go and give my side of the story, I had no knowledge of the direction of the proceedings. This wrongdoer expected that some direct questions would be posed that I could answer easily in line with the claim he had made in my absence. However, I was asked to explain the reasons that led the two students to insult each other. Thinking that the proceedings had been positive on the side of my friend, I narrated how the whole issue arose while avoiding the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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