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Conflict of Interest Applied to a Modern Day Journalism Issue - Essay Example

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This essay describes what constitutes a conflict of interest and goes ahead to provide different issues associated with the vice. The essay then provides a conflict of interest issue witnessed in Canadian journalism. …
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Conflict of Interest Applied to a Modern Day Journalism Issue
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Extract of sample "Conflict of Interest Applied to a Modern Day Journalism Issue"

Download file to see previous pages This essay approves that a conflict of interest issue has been documented in Canadian journalism. The reports that Canadian journalism has turned into a strange place riddled with secret businesses and sex scandals.
This report makes a conclusion that conflict of interest often comprises the competition of personal, financial, or professional obligations with an individual’s accountability to their audience and organizations. Such competing interests could challenge the individual’s ability to fulfil their duties impartially, and could potentially influence their performance and duties. Conflict of interest situations faced with journalists include writing about their family members and friends, contributing in press junkets, and accepting hospitality. When journalists are compelled to make decision with competing tenets, it culminates in great damage either on their professional duties or on personal lives, thus developing a conflict of interest. This conflict of interest often involves personal, financial, or professional obligations, which compete with the journalist’s accountability to their media audience and organization. Canadian journalism has turned into a strange place riddled with secret businesses and sex scandals. This makes it hard to fathom how competent journalists interviewed groups to which they had personal connection without the knowledge of their employers raising serious issues of conflict of interest and integrity in journalism. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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