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Do we overplay the influence - especially the harmful influence - of the media on British politics - Essay Example

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Over the last few decades, the British media has highlighted each and every public sphere in front of the citizens of the country. During the…
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Do we overplay the influence - especially the harmful influence - of the media on British politics
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Extract of sample "Do we overplay the influence - especially the harmful influence - of the media on British politics"

Download file to see previous pages Hodgson (2007) claimed that since ‘World War II’ British media has played an influential role in the country in terms of political participation, elections and political process among others. Considering this fact, media and newspaper has undermined several aspects of the country in terms of voting, elections, political equality and accountability. As a consequence, the impact of the political activities in case of business sectors, has diversely affected the performance of the country. Moreover, it has also affected the financial stability of the country in context of political background. Additionally, during the early 21st century the traditional trend of media changed to a considerable extent and the presence of social media highly influenced the political performance in Britain (Hodgson, 2007).
In this assignment, the objective is to identify that whether we overplay the influences of media on the British politics. At the same time, the study has also emphasised to identify the harmful influences of media and newspaper of the British political system.
During the contemporary era, the role of mass media has changed, which has influenced potential problems on the democratic environment of the British government. More precisely, media and newspaper has identified all the agenda from the domestic environment of the British and framed the same in front of Britain citizens. In this regard, mass media have a high influence on the macro political agenda, which has initiated difficulties for the political parties in Britain. According to the viewpoint of Tulloch (2007) British political system is usually established on the basis of democratic governance. In this context, it is evident that constitutional issues and governmental elections are usually the core agenda’s of the British political system. On the other hand, a large number of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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