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Civil Rights for Murderers with Intellectual Disability - Essay Example

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Murder cases have continuously increased in the recent years. The consequences of murder are many and include life imprisonment or even death sentence. Nevertheless, it is…
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Civil Rights for Murderers with Intellectual Disability
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Extract of sample "Civil Rights for Murderers with Intellectual Disability"

Download file to see previous pages Intellectually disabled people start to have this problem at the age of around eighteen years and usually have an IQ of below 65. Therefore, it becomes challenging to determine the motive of the murder for such cases (Perske 470). Capital punishment can be exercised through various forms. For example in United States of America, a criminal can be killed by lethal injection, firing squad, hanging, gas or electrocution.
There are several reasons for and against capital punishment. Some reasons for capital punishment are listed below. Firstly, it is the only punishment that can makes sure that justice is met for the person murdered. Since murder entails taking away the life of a person, then to have justice equally served for a murdered person is to have the guilt person sentenced to death (Blume, Johnson and Seeds 89) . Another purpose of capital punishment is that it offers relieve and closure for the family, relatives and close friends. It is always a human behavior to get satisfied when a murderer is killed too. This is most evidenced by angry mob that severally either beat the murderers to death or burn them alive. However if murderers are taken to court, people especially those close to the murdered person can only feel contented if the murderer is handed a death warrant.
On top of that, another purpose of death warrant in our criminal justice system is to issue a warning to those people committing murder but most important to those who want to start it. Considering that everyone fears death, criminals will fear committing murder. The would-be criminals even when they want to rob, will try as much as possible not to kill anyone because of fear of capital punishment Therefore, death warrant serves as the best cautionary not only to murder cases but also all other crimes that can be committed (Strescino 57). Before execution of death penalty, the criminals spent many years in prison where they are secluded not only from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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