Urban Planning for the City of Phoenix - Case Study Example

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The paper presents a general plan for the City of Phoenix. A general plan is essential and necessary for the growth and development of various towns and cities across the United States of America. These plans provide relevant visions and policies that aim at ensuring the growth of towns and cities. …
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Urban Planning for the City of Phoenix
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Download file to see previous pages The general plan seeks to enhance service delivery to the current residents of the city. The city has a general plan that provides an accurate guideline for ensuring economic development in the city. The authorities plan to improve the workforce, create jobs, maintain local airports, and improve the downtown area.
Early this year, the planning and development department of the city of Phoenix developed and updated an elaborative and achievable general plan. The final plan was hugely based on community suggestion and feedback concerning various economic problems in the city. As a result, the planning commission supported and approved the general plan on January 13, 2015. The city plans to improve on the type of labor force available. According to the article Plan PHX. 2015 General Plan, the economic growth and development sterns from skilled, competent, and qualified workforce in the city (94). Consequently, the expansion and building of more schools and training centers are the foundation for the city’s economic growth. Furthermore, the authorities plan to adequately fund and provide necessary resources in these training facilities. It leads to an increase in the number of individuals with recognized credentials and certificates. Such an influx of professionals is a sign of economic growth and development.
Additionally, the authorities plan to maintain and expand the airports available in the city since it is vital to economic growth and movement of people. The airports in the city are essential and necessary for bringing various businessmen and investors in the city. Furthermore, these airports generate massive revenue for the authorities. The revenues collected from businesses within the airport premises are essential in improving local infrastructure and financial strength of the city. Besides, the presence of businessmen and investors in Phoenix city is a positive and encouraging sign of economic and business growth in the area. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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