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Of Enrique Penalosa's Speech - Movie Review Example

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Penolosa who was a former mayor of Bogota, scientist and president at the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy gave a lecture under the title Equity, Mobility and the Quality of Urban life at Arizona State University.
Currently United States is the world’s…
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Review of Enrique Penalosas Speech
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Extract of sample "Of Enrique Penalosa's Speech"

Download file to see previous pages According to United States Census Bureau the current population of 322 million will shoot up to 438 by year 2050.This indicates also the number of people per household will also be more. New homes and cities will be required to be build but the question is where and how.
Can we build a transport system without knowing what kind of city we want? The answer to the question is building a city will depend on what kind of life we want and what kind of life will make us happier. A city defines our way of life. In building, a new city equality for the quality of life especially for children and equality for all citizens is important. An example is a bus with 80 passengers as the right of space 80 times than a car with one passenger. Democracy means such laws are obeyed but sometime injustice happens before our face for example a traffic jam with no exclusive lane for the world public pedestrians is pace is the only that we all have free access to. A good city is where people like to be out in public space and enjoy themselves. Cities are more architectural than engineering thus, people enjoy more public space in the city. A good city is where people have contact with water, nature and trees. A good city should have space for use by children, elderly and disabled people. People should walk in a good city without fear of being hit by cars especially children.
When cars appeared they started killing people and many city dwellers where forced to migrate to the suburbs. Cars took the space used by people; there was a competition of space between cars, and people. There should be enough space for people to walk and for cars to drive. Sidewalks should be used by people e.g. Walking, kissing, admiring the surroundings but not for cars to park. Sidewalks should proceed after intersections. A city belongs to people and not cars.
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