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It incorporates all concepts and theories that are applicable for every method of that are utilized right from data collection to data analysis and down to data presentation…
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Research Methodology Affiliation Table of Contents page Table of contents 2 Research methodology 3 3 Introduction 3
Research design 3
Setting and background 4
Population and sample 4
Hypothesis/research questions 4
Instruments 4
Variables 5
Data collection 5
Data analysis 5
Summary 5
References 6
Research Methodology
Research methodology is simply a description of techniques to be used when carrying out the research. It incorporates all concepts and theories that are applicable for every method of that are utilized right from data collection to data analysis and down to data presentation. This article states the process that should be used when carrying out the study of ethical behavior among people. The centre of focus is on the college students but the results are used to generalize for the entire society.
The study aims at establishing how a person’s thinking process will affect the way they act and behave. The study will focus on how thinking in the past affected the respondent’s decision to act in various situations. The respondent will also share the experience of the effect of external relationships have to decision making. Some of the ethical behavior to be studied and analyzed are; honesty, integrity, loyalty, respect, caring, obedient, commitment, and accountability.
Research design
The research will incorporate both descriptive and correlation research designs. It will rely on observations, case study, and survey. Respondents will interact with various stimuli and closely monitored on how they will conduct themselves in such situations. Questionnaires will be administered to guide the specific elements that might dictate the required ethical issue being studied. The design is chosen as the aspects to be studied should be done within a short time of time. The study is also incorporating a range of variables that have for comparison and analysis.
Setting and background
The idea of this study emerged after long observation of how people behave in very funny ways. Then it led to the rise of the most commonly asked question “Do people think before they act?” The question led to need asses and harmonized the society for the well-being of everybody without infringing the rights of others.
Population and sample
The research targets college students because they were considered to be the most affected lot. They also live together despite the fact that they come from different backgrounds. The varying background helps to cut across the entire general society in the country. Fourteen respondents will be picked randomly from five national colleges. The sample must have equal number of male and female students.
Hypothesis/research questions
Which of these ethical behavior correlates? Does a person think before acting where an immediate response is necessary? After the act, does a person sit back and reflect what just happened? If people reflect their acts, how long do they take before they do this?
The research involves the use of questionnaires before and immediately after the respondent reacts to the stimuli. Double administration of questionnaires helps to measure the consistency in the thinking process.
There are various variables analyzed with the thinking process being the center of focus. The study has to establish how thinking affects the response of a person in relation to what other people expect.
Data collection
For confidentiality, the questionnaires will not bear names of the respondents. Respondents though picked randomly, they will have to do it voluntarily. Students will first be informed of the study and allowed to question where necessary then they will make decisions to volunteer. Respondents give out their phone numbers, and then informed place they will meet for the study. They are then conducted two days before the study so that they report one day earlier.
Data analysis
Data classified as either acceptable or unacceptable. The acceptable results show that a person will think before acting, and the act will be consistent with the general human expectation. The questions are direct and closed hence it will be easy to analyze the result based on the yes/no. The analysis is reliable because there is no any alteration on the respondent’s opinions.
Thinking is an essential process that shapes a person’s life, and the relationships established. Our behavior will automatically have an effect on those with whom we interact. It is vital to be considerate and concerned with how we are contributing to the society.
Agle, B., Hart, D., & Thompson, J. (2014). Research Companion to Ethical Behavior in Organizations: Constructs and Measures. Read More
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