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Ethics in Small Groups - Essay Example

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The purpose of the following writing is to take into consideration several questions regarding group ethics, fallen leaders and ethical deterioration. Thus, the paper will discuss such aspects of small group ethics as the connection with the group, group norms and other…
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Ethics in Small Groups
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Extract of sample "Ethics in Small Groups"

Group dynamics
The group comprised of collaborative and productive members. We met twice that is before and after the work. Every member participated in the first meeting. Each one brought articles and relevant summaries. After which, the members tasked me to prepare the PowerPoint. I later sent every member a copy to peruse and offer suggestions.
How the group worked together
The group members embraced teamwork. Each one showed concern and offered assistance when necessary. In addition, we used email and WhatsAapp to stay in touch. Importantly, group members shared ideas to prepare the best assignment.
Division of the project
During the first meeting, every group member chose particular parts for research. The selection topics were based on individual’s preferences and confidence. Besides, we expressed respect for every member’s works and ideas.
Group norms
The group work was so efficient and lively. Every member provided his best and worked hard to produce a quality assignment. In the spirit of collective ideas, every member worked hard on their specific parts of the presentation thus making work easier. In addition, we showed commitment and helped one another when appropriate.
Connection with the group
Group members extensively used technology including WhatsApp, emails, and phone calls to connect. The approach helped to save time and facilitated the progress updates. In addition, the group members met in the library and Alexander Hall.
Lesson about small group ethics
I learned that teamwork and division of roles according to individuals’ strengths significantly improves output level. Besides, a team should help one another to enhance their skills. I also learned that that working with a small group is fun and easy. Small groups enjoy privileges of efficient communication, problem-solving, and natural decision-making.
Q2. Fallen leaders and ethical deterioration
Based on the theme of Fallen leaders and ethical deterioration, I gained significant insights about visionary and strategic leadership. I intend to utilize the knowledge to guide my future decision-making process to minimize failures caused by the unsound decision. Furthermore, the teachings shall help me to navigate through leadership platforms keeping in mind that integrity, sound judgment, and right public image are earned based on good leadership skills (Mendonca & Kanungo 2006).
Mendonca, M., & Kanungo, R. N. (2006). Ethical leadership. Maidenhead [u.a.: Open Univ. Press. Read More
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(Ethics in Small Groups Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Ethics in Small Groups Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Ethics in Small Groups Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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