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Small Business Enterprise - Essay Example

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Little Yang Sing Restaurant is located in Manchester and is a small business operated by family members with different cultural, educational and business backgrounds. The owner fits the description of the small business entrepreneur, having launched Little Yang Sing using funds…
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Small Business Enterprise
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Download file to see previous pages keeps the organisation tightly controlled by the family members and related investors without worry of missing payments to different lending institutions.
Little Yang Sing does not have a broad menu or is the décor overly fashionable, it is more of a casual restaurant that provides quality Asian-inspired food to many different demographics. The business’ greatest strengths lie in marketing and human resources, especially in areas of recruitment and satisfying workers at the motivational level. This report discusses the strengths of the business’ marketing approach and how it has developed a better small business human resources system to gain better employees. The information gathered for this report came from secondary research and primary research in the form of a telephone interview conducted with a silent investor involved with the launch and operations of Little Yang Sing. It should be noted that Little Yang Sing has only six employees, including ownership that is active in the day-to-day operations of the company in order to save costs on payroll.
There are 441,200 people in the Manchester region who are able to support the ongoing operations and profit expectations for the Little Yang Sing restaurant (, 2009). However, in the warmer climate months, Manchester supports many world-renowned events and foods festivals which bring many different domestic and international customers into the Manchester area. This gives opportunities for Little Yang Sing to, literally, promote itself to millions of potential customers during the tourist season.
Of the 441,200 people in the area, 81 percent are of white ethnicity, with only an additional nine percent being of Asian culture (, 2009). This means that Little Yang Sing must consider how to market its rather limited menu to people who are not of Asian descent, therefore this small business must consider the demographic trends of the high white population in order to create marketing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Small Business Enterprise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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