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Childhood Memories Image - Essay Example

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The present essay is a perfect example of a descriptive analyzing essay, as it examines the image which captures Vietnamese economic backbone. Moreover, the writer seeks to discuss several interpretations of the picture. Additionally, the paper evaluates the intentions of the photographer…
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Childhood Memories Image
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Extract of sample "Childhood Memories Image"

Download file to see previous pages In this picture, two children topless are playing on the river where they are joined by two water buffalo and its calf. Behind the buffalos, there is an old man with gray hair whom may be was with the children before the buffalo entered. Perhaps the children and the old man were cleaning themselves and washing the buffalos maybe after long hours working in the field as according to Viet Nam culture. Water buffalo help peasant farmers lessen the burden of farm work as well as their significant property. The buffalo, one big and the other small maybe its calf splashes water to a great length along the river clearly showing they have just joined the children. The drops of water cover the background of the picture and almost obscure the older man’s face. One child seems to be touching the big buffalo with his left hand while the other enjoying as depicted by facial expression. The old man behind the cows is maybe waiving or raising his left hand a coincidence with the child touching the cow with the left hand. This picture was taken in the river or water pond. There seems good relationship between the two animals and the children. This leads to speculation that the animals belong to the children’s family as well as the old man who may be their grandfather. The presence of the boys and the buffalo in the river depicts different cultures in the world. Although people inherit various cultures, they have been interacting with different animals both kept domestically or esthetic. The Vietnamese people and the Asian have been domesticating water buffalo for both economic and aesthetic purposes. They form part of their agricultural civilization as well as cultural values. In fact, the boys, taking “shower” with the buffalos along the river with a grown-up man looking at the happening depict complete social, cultural inheritance. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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