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Arist Statement Paper - Essay Example

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A story of/for M My work revolves around notions of storytelling, memories, heritage and family history. I have felt like an artist my entire life, striving to communicate a deeper meaning through my work of art. I employ printmaking to translate my thoughts into pieces of art as I have always been captivated by its traditions, methodologies and function in contemporary art…
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Arist Statement Paper
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Download file to see previous pages I have endeavored to depict these moments since they progressively change as life goes on. My prints are an attempt to establish a connection between the viewer and the images. Art is the driving force of my etchings and is lies within the contemplative illustrations. The function of color in my prints is to generate a sentimental instinctive reaction to personal themes like scenes from my childhood and family legacy. I intend to evoke a sense of familiarity in the viewer as I correlate with a specific image. Printmaking acts as vehicle for infinite combinations of color juxtaposition. A variety of techniques and various combinations offer innumerable new opportunities. I am particularly enchanted by the forms, colors and shapes in printmaking. The art of printmaking is all about anticipation and moments of admiration or distress as the paper or screen is separated to expose the image. I especially focus on intricate compositions, in an attempt to transform my ideas into magnificent prints to put across profound sentimental content. Since the beginning, the process of etching seemed magical to me. Over the years, it has assisted me in presenting my inner vision to outer reality and thus led to a sense of achievement. Story-telling has always been an integral component of Slavic folklore. I have delved in my family history and culture at length, struggling to create profiles based upon renewed memories and recollections from old relatives. The supreme inspiration behind this collection is my Russian grandmother, Marina who used to narrate invigorating and inspirational stories to us in our childhood. With the passage of time and migration, the content of these conventional tales have been modified to some degree, now I relate the same stories to my daughter, Millicent. Therefore, my aim is to deconstruct these stories, lullabies and family heritage that play an imperative role not only in our childhood but in our adult life too. Our perception and connection with subject matter evolves and assumes new significance as we pass through time. The conceived fabricated reflection of embroidered memories is the foundation of my figurative connection between past and present established on my lineage. Memories comprise of only selective chapters of our past, frequently concealing imperative features, revealing only fractured bits and pieces of the entire picture. Some are crystal clear while others are blurred and altered, making it difficult to discern reality from illusions. I aspire to rediscover our self identity by accessing and repossessing our memories. I have tried to direct the attention of the observers to rediscover their own memories by building up relationships with the prints presented and analyze the pliability of their memories. My work is targeted at recreating, deforming, exposing and obscuring memories. My prints encompass various patterns and denote personal associations and an aesthetic appeal which I feel for each object. Our minds formulate memories according to a specific configuration and then recognize segments of our inner emotional nature. My goal is to illustrate the various surfaces of memory by discovering the bond between physical remembrance and the subtle temporary sentiments that activate as well as summon our memories. Experience, sentiment and perception are reflected by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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