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The paper "What Is Israel Lobby All about" discusses that Grant F. Smith declares that the money is used to manipulate the media and punishing those who do not support the Israel military agenda. The Israel lobby has a direct influence in the formulation of foreign policies for the Middle East. …
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What Is Israel Lobby All about
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Grant F. Smith notes that these organizations appear to be lobbying for similar issues and hence there lacks division of labor in the organizations. He however recognizes some lobby groups, such as religious organization, that are doing a wonderful job of educating people about Jewish lifestyle.   John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt agree with Grant F. Smith on the definition of Israel lobby. They declare that the Israel lobby groups are a collection of expedient coalition of organizations and individuals that actively seek to influence the US major decision concerning Israel and the entire Middle East region. The duo laments that using the term ”Israel lobby” amounts to giving misleading information as most of those lobby organizations do not engage in any activities that directly persuades the elected officials. In this case, Grant F. Smith John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt are in agreement that the Israel Lobby is out for material gain for individuals and government.     Read More
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Writer'S Choice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 22.
“Writer'S Choice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 22”, n.d.
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