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Womens Work and Globalized - Case Study Example

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The paper “Women’s Work and Globalized” shows that women preferred to seek for employment globalized fields such as the engineering sectors. In this sector, some could work as full engineers while others could work as technicians…
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Womens Work and Globalized
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Extract of sample "Womens Work and Globalized"

Download file to see previous pages In this case, the women find themselves able to cope well with the challenges that come with the globalization and the women’s work in the workplaces. As a result, more and more women should seek the available employment in the technologic areas applied areas instead of leaving them only to men as it has always been there before
Globalization to women in the workplace currently witnessed in various sectors of the employment sectors in the world. Today many women take very complicated courses that initially were for men. For instance, areas such as engineering, medicine, chemistry, and physics used to be for men. However, the trend today is remarkable since it is women who form the best engineers, doctors, and scientist when compared to men.
Despite the social changes that are also there to influence the globalization trends among the women in the workplaces, the trend of the invention of modern technologies encounters them. The invention of computers today makes it entirely possible for the women where they can work in an organization as clerks, receptionist, secretaries, and other positions that men do ignore or refuse to take. As such technology becomes useful to women in working with to an organization in such work sectors
Countries such as Japan and Italy today have most of their women playing the greatest role in globalization issues due to employment. In these countries, women begin to start embracing the use of technology as early as their childhood status. When they become fully grown up, they can effectively use the various forms of technology which, in this case, promotes the globalization trends in the world.
Despite the presence of discrimination that may come due gender and also the political influences that there may be in a particular country. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Womens Work and Globalized Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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