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The major weaknesses of this study are concentrated on the ethical significance of consumerism. This form of consumerism has an extremely important ethical value because it contributes to the promotion of ethical attitude towards not only humans but also animals and the environment in general…
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The Ethical Significance of Consumerism
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The Ethical Significance of Consumerism
In general, consumerism is viewed as a negative phenomenon, because it involves the purchase of various items and products in very large quantities (Miles, 2000). Consumerism is often understood as a kind of manic enthusiasm for shopping. This concern is amplified by the fact that “consumerism appears to be becoming increasingly global in it influence” (Miles, 2006). Despite the opinion that consumerism is a negative phenomenon (it increases man's dependence on the service sector making him/her earn more), one can point out several arguments in favor of the idea that in ethical terms, consumerism is good. Firstly, one should remember that consumerism is able to bring psychological satisfaction for a shopaholic, making his/her inner condition calm and balanced. In addition, consumerism may be presented in the form of ethical consumerism. Finally, participating in the economic development of the region, consumerism helps to create more favorable conditions of life for many people.
Consumerism has ethical significance in the sense that it can help to stabilize relations between people. There are people who need to perform actions that can bring them pleasure and at the same time contribute to the stabilization of their psychological state. As a result, a shopaholic relieves his/her psychological tension and stress and can continue communicating with his/her friends and family in a peaceful state of mind. In addition, consumerism can be presented in the form of ethical consumerism. “Ethical consumerism is buying things (when they are needed at all) that are made ethically” (“Ethical Consumerism,” 2014). In other words, ethical consumerism involves the acquisition of any goods that have been produced without causing harm to animals, humans or the natural environment.
This form of consumerism has an extremely important ethical value because it contributes to the promotion of ethical attitude towards not only humans but also animals and the environment in general. Thus, such a shopaholic is able to benefit not only him/herself but also the world in which he/she lives. Finally, consumerism is also important in the sense that it may contribute to the creation of favorable conditions of life for other people (Shukla, 2009). Constant purchase of various goods promotes economic and social development of the region, because the local budget receives more money for a variety of economic and social problems. The region's population has more opportunities for professional and educational development, as well as greater access to health care, etc. In other words, consumerism can improve people's lives through participation in economic and social spheres in the region.
To sum up, the ethical value of consumerism is that it can be regarded as a positive phenomenon not only in the individual but also in the public area. It can contribute to the development of the ethical treatment of animals and the environment in particular in the form of ethical consumerism. In addition, consumerism can have a positive role in creating favorable conditions for the life of others. This can be represented in the form of equal opportunities and open access to various spheres of human life (education, health, etc.).
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