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Think Tanks what are they and the task of policy analyasis - Essay Example

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Think Tanks are related to policy analysis since they provide the role of advice to policy formation, offer a chance for the analysis of public policies, as well as…
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Think Tanks what are they and the task of policy analyasis
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Extract of sample "Think Tanks what are they and the task of policy analyasis"

Think Tanks what are they and the task of policy analysis Think Tanks what are they and the task of policy analysis Think Tanks, as McGann (2011) indicates, involve public policy analysis, research and engagement associations. Think Tanks are related to policy analysis since they provide the role of advice to policy formation, offer a chance for the analysis of public policies, as well as research. McGann (2011) indicates that the think tanks provide this role effectively since they are nonprofit and work independently from the influence of parties that are political or even governmental.
Think tanks assist in the process of policy making. McGann (2011) indicates that the think tanks influence policy formation through cultivating relationships with the parties in question such as the politicians. The think tanks also provide information to journalists who act as a good channel to promote the needs of the policy users. This means that the think tanks have the capacity of creating a chain of networks that help in mediation of the role of the government and that of the public in building trust in the public officials (McGann, 2011).
The think tanks have also been indicated to transform the ideas and issues presented in policy issues through facilitating debates on the issues at hand (McGann, 2011). This means that a forum for the exchange of thoughts is provided with the help of think tanks and ultimately an implementation of the policies proposed especially after consultation with all the concerned parties. The think tanks can then be indicated to play the role of voicing policy related issues in debates on policy issues.
McGann, J. (2011). Think Tanks: The Global, Regional and National Dimensions. In Think Tanks in Policy Making: Do They Matter, ed Andrew Rich et al., 8-15. Shanghai: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Briefing Paper Special Issue. Read More
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