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Order vs. Justice - Essay Example

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Such nations share norms and understanding, and interact with each other to give material forces and structures. Fundamentally, constant…
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Order vs. Justice
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Extract of sample "Order vs. Justice"

Order versus Justice Question Bull contends that the representatives of the world are the s, which come together with certain shared values, as well as, interest. Such nations share norms and understanding, and interact with each other to give material forces and structures. Fundamentally, constant communication and negotiation strengthen the representatives of the world. Communication influences diplomatic functions. Bull (1977) holds that inter-subjective structures tend to determine the principles that sustain the international society. However, the common values and interest are prone to transformation. Hence, it is significant to re-assess the alternatives regularly. Bull envisions elements of war, transnational loyalties, and conflict posing a challenge to the stability of the international society. In effect, war can cause anarchy in the international relations. Similarly, transnational loyalties and conflicts can affect the degree of interaction among the states with shared interests and values.
Question 2
Bull points out that common rules and institutions should govern and guide countries in their pursuit of the international order. States have an obligation to respect the claims of independence of other nations. Respect for the nations’ independence is a fundamental principle for the formation of the international societies (1977). According to Bull, shared rules and institutions should inform the dealings among nations with an international agenda. The pillars of the international relations order encompass diplomacy, balance of power, and international law. It is important for the nations to embrace communication, enforcement, adaptation, and safeguarding of mutually shared and understood law. In my opinion, policy and regime change can affect the international relation order. Although shared rules, as well, as the institutions exist to preserve the order, policy can result in the different interpretation global relations. Notably, Bull does not take into account the role the justice plays in the international relation order.
Bull, H. (1977). The Anarchical Society: A Study of Order in World Politics. Oxford: Clarendon Press. Read More
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