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Through representation of poverty in particular ways, NGOs have been more a part of the problem than a part of the solution. Discuss with relevant examples - Essay Example

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This is because there hardly anyone globally can claim he or she is self sufficient to the extent does not entail another’s person helping him or her…
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Through representation of poverty in particular ways, NGOs have been more a part of the problem than a part of the solution. Discuss with relevant examples
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Extract of sample "Through representation of poverty in particular ways, NGOs have been more a part of the problem than a part of the solution. Discuss with relevant examples"

Download file to see previous pages In the media, image representation not only via virtual means but also with the aid of TV ad artists has selectively utilized those disturbing pieces meant to compel uninformed potential donors part with own money (Coulter, 1989). These depictions fail entirely in relaying the exact situation in the developing states whereby through the media end up blindfolding donors in yielding to support their “humanitarian” antics. Therefore, this study seeks to relay information on how NGOs despite somehow helping grossly have ended up being problem in their destined respective regions.
The formation of many NGOs mainly happens with a certain perspective in mind most of which aim at ending poverty in world at large rather than concentrating in a particular region in the world. While their initial intentions are noble, they end up creating a greater problem in the efforts to curb poverty than helping. This is mainly because they do not clearly elucidate goals of their campaign thus they end up not achieving what they had initially intended (Harrison, 2010). Like in the case of the coalition consisting of various NGOs forming a campaign dubbed “Making Poverty History” (MPH) in 2003, their focus was on the G8 summit which was to happen in 2005. Their original purpose was to end poverty globally rather than concentrating on a particular segment especially Africa which already had been a matter of discussion for several years (Harrison, 2010, p. 393). The minimal use of images in illustrating poverty conditions diminished their efforts since there was no clear representation of what the true condition of poverty was. Their resolution not to specifically use Africa in their main agenda to end poverty blurred the significance of imagery representation. Therefore, instead of them otherwise choosing an image representation elsewhere they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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