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Information Overload and Intelligence Operations - Essay Example

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In the paper "Information Overload and Intelligence Operations" the author answers to student posts. The author claims that information overload has been noted to cause most analysts make poor judgments or ignore a series of vital components of information. The analysis is as equally critical to intelligence operations as collection of appropriate data is…
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Information Overload and Intelligence Operations
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Extract of sample "Information Overload and Intelligence Operations"

RESPONSE TO POSTS Response to Post I agree that one of the key areas of definition is the development of the issues that are directly related to intelligence operations. I believe that intelligence collection and analysis operate hand in hand, arguing that too much collection and little analysis would only lead to ineffective intelligence operations, and the opposite has the same result1. It is true that the issue of mass data collection and the appropriate measures that can be taken to analyze mass data. The post focuses on the noise created by the mass data collected, when you comment, "… there is difficulty presented within intelligence analysis in the context of mass data collection and the amount of “noise” created by an overwhelming amount of information." Intelligence analysis is more time and resource consuming as compared to data collection as recurrently referenced by the student2. However, you ignore assessing the technological innovations created to make an analysis easier, which are less time-consuming. Regardless, I agree with the student who argues that the analysis is as equally critical to intelligence operations as collection of appropriate data is.
Response to Post 2
I agree that data analysts are responsible for incorrect information or the incomprehensive information because thorough analysis is rather tasking for analysts. It is good when you introduce the concept of information overload, which is a rather clever approach to address the topic. Information overload has been noted to cause most analysts make poor judgments or ignore a series of vital components of information. You did a great job by going to the extent of showing the worst effects of information overload. According to the post, information overload that overwhelms the analysts poses a critical security threat to the country. “Our nation becomes less secure because analysts are more indecisive, stressed, and pose “less effective analysis of decisions." All in all, I agree that the analysis is a mental process and that exhaustion is highly likely to affect the productivity of analysts. I think that this is an exceptional piece.
Associated Press. “White House allows NSAs bulk data collection to continue.” CBS News.
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