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Business Intelligence - Research Paper Example

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This paper discusses business intelligence refers to the process of analyzing huge organizational data stored in databases, tracking the performance of the business, identifying business trends and patterns, and helping users of business enterprise to make better decisions…
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Business Intelligence
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"Business Intelligence"

Download file to see previous pages In recent times, organizations around the world are adopting different forms of BI as vehicles for attaining the competitive advantage over their market niche. This is particularly so in restaurant chains, health facilities, and resorts such as Exclusive Resorts and Marshfield Clinic. Such businesses use the BI systems in making tactical decisions concerning their businesses, such as the introduction of new product and services, removal of underperforming services and products, and identification of opportunities to improve inefficient processes. One of the most important components of BI is business analytics, an essential factor that determines the success capability of a business (Electrosmart, 2012). The analysis of the case study of Marshfield Clinic and Exclusive Resort provides four important lessons for companies wishing to adopt BI systems into their organizations: have a clear vision, good communication skills of employees, cooperative employees, and dedicated resources (TDWI, 2011). Considering the cases of Exclusive Resorts and Marshfield Clinic, evidently, a company needs to have a clear vision of its perceived needs for the BI process. ...
Despite the difference in the platform application, Exclusive Resort had a similar problem with multiple, disconnected, and inflexible technology that increased the cost of operation and difficulty in operation resulting from the expansion of the company’s business. According to the case study, Exclusive Resort actually had to purchase additional software to produce reports needed by the stakeholders and decision makers. The company embarked on the search for an Enterprise Resource Planning system that would integrate the existing technology and promote the competitiveness and quality of member services while encouraging the growth members (Microsoft, 2011). The two companies had a clear understanding of the functionality and provision of the BI systems, as well as a clear expression from the different business departments on the types of the decision expected from BI system. Another emergent issue from the two case studies was the importance of communication skills among the employees of the two companies. At Marshfield Clinic, the associate chief medical information officer Mike Cummins was quick to identify that the problem was not a patient-care data system, but an analytical tool that would enhance effective and efficient real-time decision-making by physicians. Having such an employee with good communication skills enabled the company to identify the real problem with its data collection system. The senior vice president of technology at Exclusive Resorts was also able to communicate the problem they had with their previous system, enabling the experts from Microsoft to design a solution that suits their needs.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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