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#2 - Case Study - Assignment Example

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It is based in the United States, with investments and headquarters all across the globe. It is the same company that initiated the environmental radicalism among the civil circles, because it is…
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Assignment #2 - Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages army to caused skin burns and still births. Yes that is right; it was Dow that was actually responsible for “the Silent Spring”. Further, the company also owns the manufacturing unit that resulted in greatest industrial failure in the history, which lead to the death toll of over three thousand Indians in Bhopal; and it also left several unwanted problems for the next generations. One of the recent events that involved Dow Chemicals was discharge of industrial effluents into the air and water supplies in the vicinity of the company’s Midland complex in Michigan. Dow was held liable for violating Clean Air Act rules, and for disobeying the Clean Water Act. Further, the government also held the company for releasing harmful chemicals into the environment without a permit. The issue was brought to the considerations during 2006-07; however, after several delays and trials, the company agreed to pay $ 2.5 million in 2011, for the sake of compensation. In 2010 the annual release of toxic compounds by Dow’s Midland facility was 275,912 pounds. According to an environmentalist based at the Michigan State University, the company earned a profit of $ 6.2 billion during the time while the production facility was discharging contaminants without permission (Weiss, 2008).
The stakeholders include the people living in the vicinity of the production houses, the state that has allowed the company to operate, general public, media, the employees at Dow, and the Dow Chemical Company. People living close to these production houses are directly exposed to the harmful chemicals that released by these industrial units into the environment. These contaminants can have lethal effects on the population residing in the suburbs. In case of the recent activities, the major subjects under the exposure of contaminants were the residents of Midland, Michigan (Weiss, 2008).
The side effects of these contaminants can be direct or indirect. The second stakeholder in ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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