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The Freshman Orientation - House Style and Home Style - Book Report/Review Example

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This research review, The Freshman Orientation - House Style and Home Style, highlights that the eight chaptered and 154-page book provide readers with what it entails a person to transition from an elections candidate to a freshman US congressman. …
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The Freshman Orientation - House Style and Home Style
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Download file to see previous pages Specifically, the book is very important as it is an overwhelming direction and contains information on expenditures members of the Congress can either be reimbursed or not be reimbursed. In addition, the book contains information on the emails that can be accounted for with taxpayer’s money and other emails that cannot be paid with taxpayer’s money. Further, the right kind of office equipment, part of the house rules include directions on general rules and ethics. The secondhand account of the events is truly scintillating.
Nonetheless, the book is brief but conveys the story of the events that make it challenging to an individual, to shift from a candidate to a newly elected member of the US Congress. Joe Schwarz gives a very good insight into the happenings at the Congress, as he is just a moderately conservative Republican from the seventh district in Michigan. The writer provides the reader with an insight into the congressional representative in the entire book, but more intriguingly as the congressional representative sets up shop on the capitol, and he gets acquitted with the new political breeze that is blowing in Washington D.C. Further, Joe Schwarz’s involvement in a number of policy areas, jostling for choice committee assignments, and develop his own unique way of delivering messages to the country, Congress and his constituents, amongst other important issues to the life of a congressional representative. The book provides an interesting firsthand account while at the same time displaying photos and data that match the specific discussion points narrated throughout the book. This paper shall provide a comprehensive review and analysis of Edward Sidlow’s book, Freshman Orientation: House Style and Home Style. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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