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Employee Orientation in the Leadership Style - Assignment Example

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From the paper "Employee Orientation in the Leadership Style" it is clear that the manager sets specific goals after getting aware of the motivation levels, emotional and social needs and potential of his employees. He ensures that organizational and employee needs are in alignment with each other…
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Employee Orientation in the Leadership Style
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Extract of sample "Employee Orientation in the Leadership Style"

One of the great leaders I know is practicing both task and employee orientation in his leadership style. Obviously it is a challenge for him to keep a balance between both dimensions as one focuses on getting task done and the other calls for taking care of the most important asset of any organization-the people. In order to do justice to both dimensions, he sets specific goals after getting aware of the motivation levels, emotional and social needs and potential of his employees. 
1. Describe a situation that would call for a more task-oriented leader.
When quality, timing, productivity, and technicalities are involved, then task-oriented behavior is required from a leader.
2. In what situations would a more employee-oriented leader be more successful?
In order to keep employees happy, obtain loyalty, trust and commitment from them, it is important to take care of their psychological and emotional needs. Providing monetary and non-monetary benefits and involving them in the decision-making process must be ensured so that they realize their worth in the organization. The organization is made of people, not bricks and mortar. (J. Kroone, 1990).
3. Which orientation do you reflect in your style of leadership?
I exhibit employee orientation in my leadership style.
4. Why do you tend to lean toward that style?
Because I believe that the input of employees in the achievement of goals is mandatory. Read More
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