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Such approaches have been witnessed from the Al Qaeda and recently ISIS. The various intelligence organizations in the United States comprise of…
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Major thoughts or conclusions on role of intelligence in threat managemenM
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The role of the intelligence in combating terrorism Terrorist organizations mainly use defeatist approaches to feign the helplessness of a country incountering the attacks. Such approaches have been witnessed from the Al Qaeda and recently ISIS. The various intelligence organizations in the United States comprise of professionals in information gathering. It is therefore necessary that these dedicated individuals are allowed the right support in combating terrorists rather than depending on the military alone.
Intelligence agencies are crucial for the United States mainly due to the manner that they infiltrate enemy territories to gather necessary information critical for the security of the United States and other countries as well. It is very sad that most of the successes never get to the mainstream media as opposed to the failures. The agencies operate as devolved units that support the government in diplomacy as well as during wartime. The support was best witnessed during the clandestine elimination of Osama Bin Laden the slain Al Qaeda chief by special forces.
In homeland security and defense, the intelligence protects the society from security threats and intrusions that would lead to endangering of the common person, as well as the government. In its various forms, the intelligence operates both strategically and tactically to ensure that accurate information is presented to the right authorities as and when needed. The processes involved in the information gathering stages from tasking, collection, processing and disseminating the information is of critical significance to the country in combating terrorism1.
In carrying out intelligence duties, solid support from the police and other government agencies is very significant in preventing future attacks. Monitoring of the terrorist activities in unison with the police will ensure that threats are countered before they happened and that most networks are dismantled forthwith. Such unison calls for all arms of the government to give the intelligence agencies and officials the ultimate support possible for current and future security apparatus of the United States and the world.
Conclusively, the intelligence is a crucial factor in the government that is often misinterpreted once threats occur but with the required support, the role played by the ladies and gentlemen in this facet remain of top most important to the US government and citizens.
Hughbank, Richard and Githens, Don, “Intelligence and its Role in Protecting against Terrorism” Journal of Strategic Security 3, no. 1 (2010): 31-38. Read More
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