Relevance of Pillars, Quran and Hadith in the Contemporary Society - Essay Example

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In the essay “Relevance of Pillars, Quran and Hadith in the Contemporary Society” the author discusses the pillar of Zakat, a financial obligation that appeal to Muslims to offer 2.5% of their savings to those who are needy and poor people in the society…
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Relevance of Pillars, Quran and Hadith in the Contemporary Society
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These verses are great values that modern Muslims should possess because of the existing inequalities which have resulted in the segregation of the society into the upper, middle and lower classes each of which has different capabilities. So, it is justified for these verses to encourage people to have the virtue of sharing. If no one cares for the other, then the disabled, sick and poor people will die of hunger. Apart from emphasizing on the role of sharing, these verses relate to the principle of brotherhood. By encouraging people to share with one another, it means that the verses are urging the believers not only to think about themselves, but to extend their concern, love, and care for other people as well. By doing this, they will not be limiting their brotherhood to their biological relatives. Instead, they will extend it to everyone from all corners of the world. Once a person gets a conviction that brotherhood is a broader thing, they will consider all human beings to be their neighbors. So, they will be obliged to share with them their resources, protect them and offer them all the necessary assistance that they might require. I think this will bring peace in the society.   Read More
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Writer'S Choice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 20.
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