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Several departments and agencies govern the United States nuclear weapons complex. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency is the executive branch department that has a role in strengthening the national…
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Nukes; Who Has the Power
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America’s Nuclear Weapons The United s of America was the first country to develop nuclear weapons. Several departments and agencies govern the United States nuclear weapons complex. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency is the executive branch department that has a role in strengthening the national security by formulating, implementing, and verifying effective arms control. This department controls several other agencies and treaties that govern America’s nuclear weapons. The Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons ensures that Nuclear Weapon States do not transfer nuclear explosives devices to any Non- Nuclear Weapon State (U.S. State Department 1). In addition, the agency also ensures that there is peaceful exchange of equipment and use of nuclear energy (U.S. State Department 1).
The Nuclear Weapons Council (NWC) plays a major role in maintaining the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile. The department ensures that U.S. nuclear weapons are safe, secure, reliable, and effective. The NWC department facilitates cooperation and establishes priorities that govern the management of U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile through the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy (Natural Resources Defense Council 1). Indeed, the Department of Defense (DOD) administers the countrys military units prepared to work nuclear weapons and their delivery vehicles (Natural Resources Defense Council 1). The department oversees the uniformed military and agencies handling nuclear weapons issues. It also drafts arrangements for utilizing nuclear weapons and oversees the transaction of nuclear arms control understandings. On the other hand, the Department of Energy researches, produces, and dismantles nuclear warheads and materials (Natural Resources Defense Council 1).
The National Nuclear Security Administration oversees the nation’s nuclear weapons design facilities and safeguards the safety, reliability, durability, and security of U.S nuclear weapons and naval nuclear reactors (U.S Department of Energy 1). The National Nuclear Security Administration responds to nuclear emergency in America and addresses global nuclear nonproliferation issues. The agency seeks to reduce global danger from weapons of mass destruction and offers safe and effective nuclear propulsion to the American Navy (U.S Department of Energy 1).
The National Security Council is an executive branch in the Office of the President that coordinates efforts among government offices trying to control the spread of nuclear weapons and to address nuclear deterrence and security (National Security and Intelligence 1). Another department that addresses nuclear weapons in U.S is the Department of Homeland Security established in response to the terrorist attacks. The department is in charge of organizing U.S. Government reactions to security disasters including the explosion of nuclear weapons on U.S. soil. Moreover, this department coordinates the U.S. Government’s interagency efforts to establish the Global Nuclear Detection Architecture that detects, analyzes, and reports on nuclear and other radioactive materials exposed to American citizens (Department of Homeland Security 1). Moreover, this department develops substantial expertise in nuclear forensics to trace nuclear materials and weapons (Department of Homeland Security 1).
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