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Culture and Diversity in Decision Making: Google - Term Paper Example

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The reporter describes Google as a successful information technology company founded in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page with offices in 43 countries and over 21,000 employees. Moreover, Google offers web applications for many kinds of tasks and provides advertising services with Google search engine. …
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Culture and Diversity in Decision Making: Google
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Extract of sample "Culture and Diversity in Decision Making: Google"

Download file to see previous pages The achievements at Google globally are in one way or another related to corporate culture and diversity at Google forming the basis of the research that aims at analyzing the Google culture, reasons for the culture, suitable leader for the culture identified, and change in culture to tame demand deficiency.
Organizational culture involves the manner in which work is done in an organization characterized by shared values, practices, behavior, attitudes, and goals of an organization, institution, firm or group (Herling et al., 2008). The Google culture is a high-performance culture that ensures the employees and management work together in harmony in achieving the best results for the company and the personal development of the employees (Google, 2009).
The determination of the high-performance culture at Google came about from the different measures undertaken by Google to achieve the culture. The measures include taking paramount importance on goals and values at Google with each employee hired on the basis of sharing the same goals and values (Finney, 2008). The impact is that employees who are innovative and able to sustain high performance in an organization are chosen and inducted for high performance at Google. The culture is also evidenced by the flexibility of structures including fewer formal meetings and no strict dressing code and cross-communication allowing for free information sharing between the employees and the management/leadership at Google. Agreement with the goals and values at Google by the employees allows Google staff to provide 100% dedication to high-performance meeting the culture at Google. Other signs that depicted a high-performance culture at Google are that employees take responsibility and are tasked with decision-making aimed at solving problems without having to seek permission reducing bureaucratic red tape. The effect is that each employee is accountable for performance ensuring they achieve the best performance possible depicting the high-performance culture at Google (Finney, 2008). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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