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Advanced Strategic Management - Essay Example

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Google has been a highly innovative firm that explores and exploits new opportunities that is focused on meeting and anticipating the changing preferences of its customers. Its major objective is to provide best user experience by managing information that is useful and universally accessible. …
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Advanced Strategic Management
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Its strategic decisions in advancing its objectives are highlighted in its diverse business activities and business linkages that promote networking with other business entities. Thus, its decision to acquire Nest is integral part of its strategic initiative that is designed to give it an innovative edge in the market and generate strategic profit in the smart homes.
Google works in an environment of intense competition where originality and differentiation are key issues to retain competitive leverage. Porter strongly asserts that firms can outdo others if they can establish a difference and exploit it for achieving their wider goals. Indeed, Google has been distinct in its customer centric policies, growth strategies and organizational culture that nurture creativity. Its state of the art research and development facility constantly strives to anticipate the changing preferences of its customers. They have made significant breakthrough in exploiting the vast potential of internet through their new products and services as well as diversifying business goals through business alliances and acquisitions. Acquisitions of Facebook, twitter, Motorola etc. have been important part of their strategic business decisions that have contributed to its leadership position in the market. The recent acquisition of Nest is seen as key part of its future planning and long term goals of penetrating new market of smart homes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Advanced Strategic Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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