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Fashion and Gender - Essay Example

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The essay analyzes the connection between fashion and gender. If one takes a close look at the society, one can not help noticing that it might be seen as an important prerequisite for the development of the inner potential of a human being. Indeed, it provides people with opportunities…
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Fashion and Gender
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Extract of sample "Fashion and Gender"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "Fashion and Gender" examines how the concept of fashion is connected with the idea of gender. The analysis of the issue will be performed from three different perspectives.To begin with, it may be particularly suitable to explain the exceptional role of gender when it comes to examining the role of fashion on the social environment. Thus, it is thought that “becoming visibly gender involves engagement with complicated, shifting coding system of colours, fabrics, trims, forms, shapes, and patterns and other body fashionings”. This means that fashion might be seen as a platform which allows people to adopt particular roles that are conditioned by their gender and finish their socialization. In other words, the concept in question implies that there is strict division between the genders. The importance of behaviour. Another point that should be mentioned with regard of the way fashion shapes identity of a person is the way people behave while wearing clothes. For example, when a man is dressed in a suit he is likely to be more polite and less aggressive since this kind of clothes is associated with formal events that require people to be on their best behaviour. On the other hand, if a person did not dress formally enough to a special occasion, this might be perceived as extremely rude. Nevertheless, in daily life people wear relatively similar clothes so there is another factor that truly makes difference in this case. The researchers argue that “it’s not about circumstances so much. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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and /or the star persona, how they quote or appropriate from earlier films, how they relate to haute couture, say or drag shows. Often, the cinema looses depth by not being better connected to what audience members were wearing or wanted to wear. Thus the book provides invaluable insights to the new theorizing of costume in cinema.
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