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The Importance of Economic Factors in International Politics in Marxism and Neomarxism - Essay Example

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The essay talks about various aspects of the Marxists and Neo-Marxists argument in order to establish their arguments regarding economy and international politics. The paper explores the different aspects international politics and the essentiality of economic factors in international relations…
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The Importance of Economic Factors in International Politics in Marxism and Neomarxism
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Extract of sample "The Importance of Economic Factors in International Politics in Marxism and Neomarxism"

Download file to see previous pages This paper outlines excessive emphasis that both Marxists and neo-Marxists laid on the essentiality of economics in international politics. The essay establishes a critical comparison of the Marxists and Neo-Marxists theories and also describes the connection of Neo-Marxism and Marxism to the ideologies of liberalism.
The relationship among countries provides an avenue for developed economies to exploit the developing and underdeveloped economies in the world. This capitalistic nature of exploitation promotes neo-colonialism and economic dependence on the exploited economies.
International politics is the major characteristics of the relationships between different countries world. The politics focus on strengthening the relationships between different economies to benefits at various levels. International politics entail policies by various authorities that promote exploitation in terms of materials, labor and natural resources. The integration of economic factors in concept of international politics is essential in promoting international relations
The Marxists and Neo-Marxists highlight on negative effects of capitalism and liberalism on underdeveloped economies. Karl Marx examines the importance of incorporating various economic factors such as labor, production and raw materials in international politics in order to promote economic equality in the world. The Neo-Marxists and Marxist theories agree on the element of economic inequality in the world, which hinders effective development in the minor economies.
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