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American Politics: Prompt (to be changed) - Research Paper Example

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The instance, however, accepts funding that tends to be for abortion that may be due to incest, rape or other complications that may endanger the life of a citizen. The law also provides that no act of…
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American Politics: Research Paper Prompt (to be changed)
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Download file to see previous pages The funds that may be of use as per the law are for any complications that may result from an abortion whose appropriation was for the health benefit of a patient. Therefore, no health plan or insurance that is for a health plan should include any costs or funds that are for abortion needs (Doerflinger, p.127).
The law is significant since the cases of abortion are increasing every day. The moral laws that were useful in the past years are loosening their grasp, and most teenagers involve in abortion. It is, therefore, important to know that abortion is a crime except in the case of rape, possible incest or health complication. The government has no provisional funds for the abortion procedures and thus the instance is out of practice (Roh J., p. 69).
The abortion act prevents the inevitable. The instances of population increase and the adoption of new morals in the society make the act hard to implement. Young teenagers are becoming pregnant, and their primary concern is not to get pregnant. It is even true to say that most people tend to avoid pregnancies more than they prevent HIV and AIDS plus other STDs.
The paper will thus debate on the validity and necessity of the law as per the opinions of scholars and the events that are changing the morals of all people living in the twenty-first century. The essay will also articulate ion the best way to practice the law in order to make it efficient and fair to the economy and the population.
The primary purpose is to safeguard the conscience of the persons who involve in rape. Also, the bill points out that the purpose is to prohibit any funds that emanate from the taxpayers that enter the abortion purposes. The Act also enacts a permanent restriction on the funds from the federal government towards abortion purposes in the USA (Hanna, p. 144).
The bill has undergone major acceptance in almost all the houses winning more than a quorum of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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