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I support the adoption of a single payer universal healthcare system in the United States; a rough equivalent of the Canadian Medicare, the National Health Service of the United Kingdom or the National Bureau for Health Insurance in Taiwan. The…
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Who represents us
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Download file to see previous pages This would end any need for private insurance to cater for medical expenses. The national system would be funded by the taxpayer, meaning that Americans will collectively ensure a functional medical system to all citizens alike.
The healthcare system will not be expensive as it may be seen from the outset. As it is, the system will eliminate the private insurance companies that currently offer medical insurance, which means the companies’ administrative overheads and the overall cost of healthcare will reduce significantly. This will enable that everyone in the United States will have access to any medical services he or she needs with much ease. This is good news to everyone alike since there will be no more constraints as they are now experienced especially by the poor who are unable to access quality medical care whenever they need it. I believe the right to access medical care is fundamental and no one should be denied. It is in line with the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that should be enjoyed by all within the American territory.
My elected official in the House of Representatives at the federal level supports the bill. He has been a champion for health care reform in the house for quite some time now. He is a member of the house committee on health and has, therefore, dealt with many matters that concern health care in the United States. Even though he supports the bill, he is of the opinion that it should be modified further to remove some of the clauses and include others. Even then, he agrees that the bill will reform the healthcare system in the United States, since the proposed system of health care in the bill is better than the current system. Talking about the current system, the representative views the current system as overly inefficient and burdensome to persons with low income who cannot afford the medical insurance.
The representative prefers the bill over the other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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