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The following paper “The Airplane is the Safest Transport” explains why airplane transport is the best. Comparison between air travel and any other means of transport will prove that indeed air travel is the safest means of transport. Traffic control crews both at the departure point to the landing…
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The Airplane is the Safest Transport
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The Airplane is the Safest Transport
Air transport is the movement of passengers and goods from the point of origin to the point of destination by the use of airplanes. Comparison between air travel and any other means of transport will proof that indeed air travel is the safest means of transport. The following reasons, explains why airplane transport is the best.
Crash Rate
Crash rate is in reference to the established ratios between the numbers of accidents in the air transport in comparison to those in various means of transport like road transport. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration established that there were 1.27 fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled. The media often emphasize that the occurrence of plane crashes is exceedingly infrequent. In fact, these statistics suggest that one is more likely to die driving to the airport than flying across the country (Curran 237).
Air Traffic Control
Airports are equipped with top-notch facilities to facilitate traffic control both at the airports while landing and in the sky during flight. Pilots have multitude of assistance helping them from takeoff through landing with Control. Traffic control crews both at the departure point to the landing. These crews are in rotation around the clock 24 hours a day. Where they make use of radar procedures to track the planes in the sky, provide directions, authorization and the information about flight state of affairs. Pilots are not the only people in charge of safety in the air. However with road transport this is not the case, the driver has no one to help him or her in watching the road while he or she is driving. These drivers to multitask that required divided attention thus less focus.
Rigorous Training
The pilots undergo rigorous training long before they get entrusted with the responsibility of flying a plane. The training takes more time to complete than a typical driving test does. A driving test requires one merely to demonstrate a mastery of steering, braking, signaling. Once the applicant shows a characteristic, he or she gets a driving license and considered fit to drive. Moreover, one must go to flight school to acquire a license. The training period enables pilots to enhance the ability of the pilot to gain some of the required experience (Curran 242).
Onboard plane crew.
Customarily there are two pilots in any aircraft. In case anything is wrong with one pilot, the other one can typically take over. In addition, a crew onboard ensures all the passengers adhere to the rules of the aircraft to prevent any accidents. Each plane has its onboard crew, who ensure that all the passengers follow the flight rules and behavior regulations. They are also trained in first aid skills and therefore always in a capacity to attend to miscellaneous emergencies during the flight. Unlike road transport where the driver drives and the conductor, collect the bus fare.
No Reckless Flying
Pilots are required and must be sober while preparing to, and throughout the flight. They must have proper vision as well as judgment. To this effect, their schedule is designed to accommodate inter flight breaks for them to rest. That helps in enhancing safety in terms of control of the plane. There is reduction in vulnerability since the entire cast of pilots, regulators, and airline crews have far-reaching information about flying vulnerabilities, with the goal of averting accidents rather than just reacting to them. The pilot must not take flight unless he has been cleared and is positive the plane is safe to fly. On the other hand, road transport, for instance, drivers are reported to be behind the wheel even when under the influence of alcohol. Thus, the vulnerability is high (Curran 249).
However, the fact that airplane transport is safest of all the transport modes does not mean that it is absolutely and completely safest. Airplane transport has its drawbacks as well. For instance in occurrence of a plane accident there has always been colossal loss of lives. In fact in most situations there has been zero survivors. Planes have also become targets for terrorists, who take advantage of the sophistication of the transport system to carry out their terror activities. In addition, it is the accounts, cases of airplanes disappearing during flight and not been found at all. Nonetheless, it is with no doubt that, this mode of transport comes second to none in terms of safety (Curran 254).
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Curran, Richard. Air Transport and Operations: Proceedings of the Third International Air Transport and Operations Symposium 2012. , 2012. Print. Read More
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