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The issue of abortion is surely one of the most controversial one’s; that is why the discussion about it will benefit from application of various theories that would present it from different perspectives. …
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Ethical theory of abortion
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Aborton The issue of abortion is surely one of the most controversial one’s; that is why the discussion about it willbenefit from application of various theories that would present it from different perspectives. This paper will provide the analysis of the issue of abortion through the eyes of a character based ethicist, namely a person who is a strong proponent of the sub-type that is identified as Virtue Ethics. According to it, abortion should be considered to be an unethical action since it features more vices than virtue.
As one could have already noticed, the ethical theory in question operates with the concepts of vice and virtue which are though to be essential to it. So, a virtue ethicist would argue that when a woman decides to have an abortion she shows whether little control of her life (the vice of carelessness) as he did not use protection while having a sexual intercourse or introduce too dramatic changed into her body (the vice of excessive control) (Geirsson, 2010, 247). In addition to that, Virtue Ethics might also pay attention to the status of fetus, suggesting that it should be recognized as a living creature (Welchman, 2006, 136). That is why killing it should be considered to be a vice.
Speaking of the strong points of the ethical approach in question, one might note that it clearly provides reasoning from the judgment that is proposed by it. Thus, a person is able to understand the concepts of vice and virtue as well as see that abortion in any case contributes to emergence of the latter. That is why the kind of thinking that is advocated by this approach is easily understandable and the logic that supports is features no fallacies.
Nevertheless, one should point out that there are also some weak points in the way Virtue Ethics is applied to the issue. Thus, one might have noticed that it operated with rather vague as well as abstract notions that need proper explanation. As a result, a person who would like to apply this approach should be absolutely sure that one was able to understand the ideas that are advocated by it in the correct manner. In addition to that, Virtue Ethics provides a rather general solution which does not take into account various circumstances.
Having examined all the points which were brought up in the paragraphs above, one will be able to come to the following logical conclusion: Virtue Ethics is a sub-type of character based ethics will condemn the act of abortion, suggesting that it reflects vices in a person. The strong point of this ethical approach lies in the fact that the reasoning that is fundamental in the judgment is self evident. On the other hand, the primary concepts that Virtue Ethics operates with should be carefully examined by a person since they are rather vague. In addition to that, this ethical theory often relies on quite broad conclusions about the situation which makes it difficult to apply in every particular case.
Geirsson, H. (2010). Ethical theory: A concise anthology (2nd ed.). Peterborough: Broadview Press.
Welchman, J. (2006). The practice of virtue: Classic and contemporary readings in virtue ethics. Indianapolis, IN: Hackett Pub. Read More
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