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Reproduction Issue - Essay Example

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The milestone resolution by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973 on Roe v. Wade was a defining moment (Wikipedia, 2013d). The case confirmed that…
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Reproduction Issue
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Extract of sample "Reproduction Issue"

Download file to see previous pages This essay focuses on the ethical implication of third trimester abortion with reference to its medical effect on the fetus and the mother. In particular, this essay argues against third trimester abortion.
Numerous claims against abortion argue that both the mother and the fetus have particular rights. It was emphasized by Annas (1998 as cited in Orshan, 2008, 310) that the fetus is not an individual within the context of the Constitution and declares that states cannot criminalize abortion prior to the determination of the viability of the fetus. States can prohibit abortion after determination of the viability of the fetus only if there is an anomaly that allows abortion to defend the health or life of the mother. States can enforce limits on abortion prior to the determination of viability only if such limits do not generate major barriers to a woman’s acquiring an abortion (Wikipedia, 2013b). Roe v. Wade made sure that women have the legal privacy right, and that such right is basic and general to cover her choice to obtain an abortion.
Third term abortion is the most disputed topic of reproductive rights. There is no involuntary right to obtain abortion after the first trimester. In later trimester, the fetus is already viable. A six-month fetus can possibly stay alive with a delivery even though it would have higher susceptibility to complications. The Supreme Court has always considered exceptions for the likelihood of third trimester abortion if the woman’s life is in danger (Hall, Bobinski, & Orentlicher, 2007). It is not possible to ethically abort a possibly viable fetus except if there is a major justifying condition like danger to the life of the fetus or the mother. With regard to court directive, the court cannot oblige a doctor to carry out an operation that is professionally or ethically unjustifiable (Wikipedia, 2013a). For instance, if legislation ratified today making it legally permissible to carry out ‘mercy killing’, or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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